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High 5 Netball

This term we have seen a HUGE increase in the number of children wanting to participate in High 5 Netball. This game is a simplified version of the adult Netball, where boys and girls can play on court at the same time. There are only 5 members in each team on court, with 2-3 members on the side lines scoring, time keeping and helping the umpire.

We now have around 40 boys and girls participating weekly...doubling the amount from last year!


We are really looking forward to this season's matches!

Please keep visiting this page for fixture lists, match reports and photographs.



Fixtures & Results


Date Against Venue Score Won / Draw / Lost League points
24.1.17 St. Marys Ashmead 5-2 Won 5
25.1.17 Turnfurlong Ashmead 4-5 Lost 2
30.1.17 Wendover Ashmead 2-0 Won 5
3.3.17 Haddenham Juniors Haddenham Juniors 4-7


7.3.17 Bedgrove Juniors Bedgrove Juniors 0-8 Lost 1


Overall, we came 3rd in League A!! Well played everyone - we have made a huge amount of progress this season!


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Match Report

Ashmead vs. Wendover  written by Sophie


The game started off with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 0-0. There was an amazing goal in the second quarter by King Idris. An outstanding goal went to Master Emmanuel in the third quarter. Now on to the best and last quarter. There were two amazing and terrific goals by Aisha. Also one was by Idris. It went right around the rim of the post and the next thing you know, we have a goal.

Great first game of the season!



Match Report

Ashmead vs. Turnfurlong written by tbc





Match Report

Ashmead vs. St. Marys  written by Salma


At the start of the game we had 0-0 then all of a sudden, super Jack aimed for the hoop but missed. Queen Salma heads to block but sadly there was a gap. At this point, it is still 0-0 but then fantastic Kyle comes in, takes the ball and makes a shot. Everyone was so happy when the came out of the hoop which led us to 1-0. Then amazing Owais steps in and blocks the ball with his hands. Fabulous Jasmine was so good with her passion for the game and screaming names, so their heads were hack in the game. Still waiting for a shot, Princess Caitlin takes the ball and made a long shot but unfortunately missed. Then in came Sophie shouting Jack's name. Surrounding him were St. Marys but Sophie appeared and caught the ball, made a shot and didn't miss, which meant were won 2-0!

Amazingly fought game everyone!


Player of the Match: Aisha



Match Report

Ashmead vs. Haddenham Juniors  written by Hiba (Captain)


The game started off with excitement, Haddenham scored 4 goal but luckily super Aisha scored 1 goal that led the first quarter to be 1-4. In the next quarter, Haddenham Juniors didn't score but excited Idris scored 1 good goal that then led us to 2-4. Also well done to amazing Lily that always blocked the ball. In the third quarter, unlikely Ashmead didn't score but other than that they did really, really well! The 4th quarter was my favourite and cool Hiba scored 2 goals. Well done to Caitlin, even though she didn't score any she played really well. Haddenham scored 1 goal. At the end, they all shook hands.

So as a result, Ashmead lost BUT a big BIG well done to incredible Ashmead Netball team who are: Cool Hiba, Super Aisha, Excited Idris, Amazing Lily and Awesome Caitlin.

Great defensive play Ashmead!



Player of the Match: Lily



Match Report

Ashmead vs. Bedgrove Juniors  written by Caitlin S(Captain)


In the first quarter of the match Amir was GK, Sophie was GA, Caitlin was GD, Asim was GS and Jasmine Sloan was C. Unfortunately, through this quarter Ashmead scored no goals and Bedgrove scored 1. At the end of this quarter, the score was 1-0 to Bedgrove.

During the second quarter, Ashmead also scored no points but Bedgrove scored even more than in the first quarter - three. Once this quarter had ended, the score was 4-0 to Bedgrove.

When the third quarter arrived, Ashmead were determined to get at least 1 goal back. We played amazingly well, their best quarter during the match! They didn't score any goals but they didn't let Bedgrove score any either. The score remained 4-0 to Bedgrove.

In the final quarter, most of the players were extremely tired but both teams wanted to win. Nobody gave up. Once this quarter ended, the final score was 8-0 to Bedgrove. On the way home, Miss Venn and Miss Lancaster awarded Jasmine the player of the match and everyone agreed.

A great game to watch - and lovely behaviour after the match!


Player of the Match: Jasmine Sl