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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Years 2 & 3 2017

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Charity hair cut!


Last Saturday, Rubi from Year 3 decided to cut her hair for the charity, Little Princess Trust. The charity were very thankful for her kind donation. Well done Rubi


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A Visit from a Paleontologist


The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting a Paleontologist last Friday, learning about fossils and even having the opportunity to carefully excavate to reveal dinosaur fossils! 

At the end of the day, we were greeted by a fierce looking creature...a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Despite being rather scary at first, the children really loved seeing this magnificent dinosaur stomping around the hall, and even posed for a few photographs too.

Mysterious happenings at Ashmead School!


The children enjoyed coming back to school, but strangely, a section of the courtyard was cordened off. Two large footprints, an old crumbly fossil and a bone was found! But where did it come from? When did it happen? What made the footprints? All questions that the children will soon find out ... 


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The Great Fire of London!


The children enjoyed a history packed day, learning and showing off what they know about the Great Fire of London, and the Great Plague - the history topics from this term. The children listened and participated in stories, reinactments and even got to dress up like a 17th Century person! We all had a really fun day, and we hope that the children have told everyone at home about life in the olden days.

Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who came to watch the children perform in "The Jungle Book". We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did, the children absolutely loved the costumes, songs and dances that they learned.

They worked so hard to learn all the moves, lines and signing...we are incredibly proud of everyone!

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Year 3 Compete to win!


The children in Year 3 have been working so hard in Literacy, reading, planning and innovating the story 'Paddington'. Each child made up their own versions of the story, changing the family's name, setting, and most importantly...the problems!

The winners received a yummy chocolate Paddington and a £5 book voucher.

The runners up received a chocolate Paddington lollipop and a golden housepoint.


Well done for all the hard work you put in! 


      1st place: 















Runners Up:








       Highly commended:









Year 2 and 3 go to the cinema!


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The children were incredibly well behaved, sitting nicely and quietly throughout the entire film. We enjoyed the film...laughing, sighing and almost shedding a tear at the end. 

Remembrance Day 11.11.17

Year 2 children enjoyed learning about Remembrance day. They worked together to make poppies, as well as a beautiful class wreath to put up in a local church.

Take a look at the children hard at work

Welcome back to the Autumn Term! We hope you've all had a lovely summer holiday, and are as excited as us to begin the new term with some brand new topics!


Take a look at the new classroom displays and try to guess the topic!

Someone, or something made a mess!


Year 3 were met with very messy classrooms, cloakrooms and wet areas! The children discovered bear like paw prints, flour, baking equipment and a mysterious letter. We read the letter to find that Paddington Bear had attempted to ice cupcakes...badly! We wrote some instructions back to Paddington to help him.

Peruvian Food!


The children in Year three enjoyed a tasting experience, sampling some common food found in Peru. They studied the country using iPads and atlases, discovering some new and exciting facts about the culture, history, climate and cities.



Year 2 get creative!


Year 2 have been enjoying designing and making a Paddington Bear in DT lessons. They used a variety of materials to re-create Paddington's famous blue jacket and red hat.

A visitor came to school!






Last Friday we had a special visitor in Assembly. His name was Mr Brown. He explained that he had come straight from London on the train to come and tell us about something strange he saw in the train station! Mr Brown spoke about a bear that was sitting with his suitcase, smelling of oranges, needing somewhere to live.



We wonder who the bear might be! He left us a photograph of the bear to investigate and study...