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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

1. The Writing Wizards of Wonder

smileyCompetition winner - Lily Rogerssmiley


Congratulations to Lily who has won the first writing competition of the year! Here is her fantastic description of her 'wizard of wonder':


With sapphire-blue hair flowing behind her, like a running river, the wizard has bright, piercing eyes that seemed to stare into your soul. A silk robe is draped over her, as long and elegant limbs protrude from it. Ice cold water shoots out of her palms and lands in small pools of liquid with glassy surfaces. Gracefully, the wizard glides across lakes as moonlight beams down on her. The power of water courses through her veins.


Honoring loyalty and bravely, she continuously sees the intellectual side of every conundrum. Despite this wizard's unique powers, they usually are used for beneficial purposes. Her generosity and graciousness are uncanny and her power is that of a god's.


The writing team were so impressed by Lily's neat handwriting, ambitious vocabulary and high level description. She has certainly set the standard for future competitions to come! 




Writing Wizards of Wonder!

Writing Wizards of Wonder! 1

For this week's competition, the children have been set the task of designing their own wizard, capable of super-human powers! They have been asked to describe the wizard, explain its magical abilities and draw a picture to accompany their design.


To make the first competition extra special, the winner will receive a signed Michael Morpurgo book, a golden house-point and a £10 voucher of their choice!!


The deadline for entries is Wednesday 18th October!