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2. Fright Night Gone Wrong!

smileyCompetition winner - Jack Jamessmiley


Congratulations to Jack who has won the second writing competition of the year! Here is his 'Halloween-themed' suspense story:


It's the night of Halloween. It seems normal but then the lights flicker on and off... everything changes...


As I put on my costume ready to go trick or treating with my sister, I heard a scream coming from upstairs but I thought it was nothing so I ignored it. We had just left the house as I noticed something strange - the moon was smiling at me. Its eyes followed me. I was terrified. We had visited two houses when suddenly, the street went pitch black. Nothing could be seen. One by one, pumpkins were lit mysteriously to light up the street. Bats were flying overhead, I heard growls, screaming and wolves howling. I fell backwards into the cobwebs and I was being held back by spooky hands. Zombies rose from the ground as I broke free. They got closer and closer while saying the only word they could, "Brains." At that moment, I ran for my life. My heart was pounding. The second I got home, I ran upstairs and went straight to bed. When I woke up, to my surprise, it was just a dream. Or was it?


The writing team were particularly impressed with Jack's neat handwriting, features of suspense and imaginative narrative. We hope this gives the boys something to aim for in future competitions to come!

Fright Night Gone Wrong!

Fright Night Gone Wrong! 1

'It's the night of Halloween. It seems normal but then the lights flicker on and off... everything changes...'


For this week's competition, the children have been set the task of writing a short story of suspense, in which an evening 'trick or treating' on Halloween has gone wrong! What happened? How did they feel? What did they do?


As always, the winning entry will receive a golden house-point, a £10 voucher of their choice and will enter the 'Writing Masters' hall of fame!


The deadline for entries is Wednesday 8th November!