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4. Freestyle

smileyCompetition winner - Oliver Hamsheresmiley


Congratulations to Oliver who has won the fourth writing competition of the year! Here is his imaginative suspense story: 


I was walking through the forest and I noticed something was wrong... the forest had something huge in it, but what? As I stumbled deeper into the forest, I fell into a giant footprint. Too big to be a normal animal - was it a prehistoric beast? With lots of ideas rushing through my head, I heard screeching noises echoing through the forest but I just thought it was my brain deceiving me - or was it? The further I explored deeper in the forest, it happened again... the noise... what was it? At first I was sure I was just believing there was a noise, but now I'm not so sure. My heart was pounding - I had to run away, but it was like a giant magnet was plunging me deeper into the forest. Suddenly, in a dark clearing, a house appeared. I was desperately trying to run away but it was no use ; it was like the ghostly forest was luring me to my death... but why? Was it my destiny to die in this creepy forest? The house's door opened but there was nobody inside. I was engulfed by the abandoned house, only to find more torture inside...


The current that dragged me inside was not a magnet; it was nothing. The footprint, I still don't know. Was the house a monster? I was trying to figure out what the monster was when the ground shook. The door shut. The lights went out. The next thing I knew, people were laughing but I was the only person in the house. That meant it was... g...g...g...g...ghosts! Now I think I know what made these footprints, it was the house! The floor shook again. Something outside the window changed my mind. A long scaly leg smashed into the clearing. Was it a giant? 


The writing team were particularly impressed with Oliver's exciting use of figurative language, rhetorical questions and short sentences to build up tension. We look forward to hearing more examples of wonderful writing this year!


For this week's competition, the children have been set the task of showing off their 'freestyle' writing skills. Excitingly, this means that they can write about anything they want, whether this be a match report from their favourite sports team, an interview with a famous singer, a diary entry or even a story! The writing team may even base future competitions around the common themes of the entries this week. We can't wait to see what everyone has to offer!


The deadline for entries is Wednesday 6th November 2017. Good luck!