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20 April update

Hello everyone!

It feels a bit strange today because we would normally be in school ready to start a new topic! I'm missing you and hope that you and your family are well.

I hope that you've been able to keep going with your learning. Remember, little and often is best. Don't worry if one of the activities is too tricky or doesn't inspire you - just try a different one, or think of one of your own!

The main thing is to:

  • Read something every day (10 - 15 minutes is fine!). Have you seen the First News paper and activities that we're putting on the website in year 4 and 5 each week?
  • Do some number work - this could be TT Rock Stars, Topmarks Maths activities, play a board game using numbers or using playing cards, or learn how to tell the time. Don't just choose super easy things - choose things to work your brain a bit (but not so much it becomes frustrating!).
  • Do some writing regularly - there's lots of ideas on the activity page. Here's some links that might give some different ideas: where there are some work books that you might be able to print out. You might need a grown-up to help explain some of the activities.
  • Or you might like this radio show on the internet where you can get involved in all sorts of creative writing opportunities - it's like a fun lesson with lots of children all over the country and they sometimes have authors on the show too. It's on at 9.30am every day.
  • You could write me a letter about what you have been up to! If you send it to school, I will try to write back to you. 
  • You could have a go at Languagenut or Purple Mash activities - ask your grown up to email the office at school if you can't remember your log in. Explore some of the other subject areas that we don't get the chance to in school. 
  • Remember, to try out the things that help you feel calm (like Mindfulness minute), as well as get some regular playtime or exercise outside - enjoy the sunshine!

Finally, look after yourself and your family - that's the most important thing!

Mrs Rogers

2nd April update

I hope that you're well and finding lots of fun things to do in your time away from school. I'm missing seeing you smiley 

If you're looking for some different Maths activities, try looking at: 

This site has videos and activities and will be updated in the coming weeks.

My Maths class might like to start with Year 3 activities to build up your confidence first, before looking at Year 4.

If it's too tricky, don't worry - just stick with other Maths activities like TT Rock Stars, Topmarks Maths or playing a board game using numbers - or get a pack of playing cards out to challenge your mental addition/multiplication (like we did in class). 

I can see that lots of you have been going on TT Rock Stars - fantastic! It looks like Mr Stocks' class are beating us at the moment - and the boys in the school are ahead of the girls in the school! Keep going!!

If you'd like a different English activity, have a look at the acrostic poems some of the children (who are at school because their grown-ups are keyworkers) wrote - look in the Gallery pages of the website. Then you could have a go at your own Ashmead acrostic!  

Stay well and stay safe blush Remember - try to keep reading! 

Mrs Rogers

Hello everyone,

Please see the activities that we have shared with you at school already. You can use your blue book and pencil that you were given at school - if you missed out, collect one from the school reception (if it's safe for you to do so!).

Remember, try to do a little bit every day - reading, writing, times tables. Make sure you enjoy the sunshine (when it is out!) when you can. Keep active too - using gonoodle or by setting up your own gym at home! Play board games or cards and do jigsaws too - keep smiling!

School is very quiet without you here! Keep safe and well smiley 

Mrs Rogers