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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.


Wednesday 22nd April


Hi everyone!


I hope you are all ok and still finding lots to do at home with your families. Just a reminder to do activities 'little and often' we would rather you were enjoying them and not worrying too much about getting them finished. You can always make up your own activities and tell us about them when we get back!


If you need some new ideas, Bitesize has activities you can look at. Click on the year 4 section and choose something you are interested in.


If you like creative writing, the ‘Talk for Writing’ website has a link to some units of work, although this might be a little trickier so you may need some adult help with these.  is a daily radio show at 9.30am with Pie Corbett and others - it has lots of creative writing opportunities which some of you might enjoy.


Also, Whipsnade Zoo has some resources if you want to do some animal based activities. We are in KS2 but other areas might be interesting to look at too. 


Remember you have languagenut, Rockstars, Bug Club and Purple Mash which you can keep playing and using. Aim for a bit of reading each day and maybe watch Newsround or do the quizzes on there. Try and enjoy your time at home, have fun with your family and enjoy some chill time too smiley


Still missing you all lots, 

Miss Burgoyne x 


Monday 6th April 2020


Good morning everyone!


I hope you are all staying safe at home and making lots of memories with your families smiley I think we will all remember what is happening right now for a long time to come!


I'm sure you've been doing lots of reading and drawing at home. If you can, use online resources like YouTube to keep you busy - they have lots of PE activities to do. Remember, you can use GoNoodle for calming activities like yoga too - just search for it at the top. 


There is another maths resource that we've found called White Rose maths, you can find daily lessons there, try and revise some of the things we've done in maths sets in school or have a go at challenging yourself to other year 4 activities. 

Here is the link:


I have seen lots of rainbow pictures and teddies in windows when I've been out on my daily walk with Pepper. There are also lots of lovely messages to the NHS and our neighbours, they make me smile when I see them. I'm sure some of you have put some in your windows too smiley


I hope you are all ok, I miss seeing you all and I'm looking forward to when we can all be together again!


Love, Miss Burgoyne x







Hello everyone! 


I hope you are keeping safe and well at home smiley Here are the activities we talked about in class. Remember you don't need to do everything all in one go, they are there to help keep you busy so just try and do a little bit each day. You can go on GoNoodle to keep active (see if you can find some new dances for us to try once we are back!). Try and do some reading each day, school book or ones from home are fine. Enjoy being at home and spending time with your family and try and get some fresh air in your garden when you can!


Missing you all,

Miss Burgoyne