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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

All about Walk Once a Week (WOW) and our School Travel Plan working with Modeshift Stars and Bucks CC

Ashmead is proud to have been awarded a Silver ModeShift Stars Award for all our hard work encouraging children to find safe ways to travel to and from school. We work with Bucks County Council to maintain and improve our School Travel plan. Mrs Cupid is our Travel Plan Co-Ordinator and helps arrange events which promote Walking to School, managing our Junior Road Safety Officers and completing and updating our School Travel Plan. 


Each day children enter their choice of travel to school using the WOW interactive white board app. This gathers school data and helps us to see which modes of transport are most popular. We use this data to set targets on our Travel Plan and help us promote safe and sustainable ways to travel to school.

If your child walks, scoots, cycles or parks and strides at least once a week and records their journey using the WOW board in the morning, they will receive a badge to reward their effort. 


We hold our annual Be Bright Day to educate children about being safe on the roads, especially during the winter months. 


Other events like Bling your Bike, Shimmy Your Shoes, Whopping Welly Day have also been successful in promoting Walking to School Initiatives. 


We have a 5 minute Walking Zone map which was founded by the County Council. This encourages parents to park outside a 5 minute Walking Zone from School to reduce traffic in near by roads. 


Our Junior Road Safety officers help to award badges and events, think of ways to encourage children to walk to school and help host and promote events.


We work with Bikeabilty to hold Cycle training courses.  Children take part in a course taught by professional cycling instructors held in the school grounds and on the road.


Parents receive regular newsletters reminding them about Walking to School and safe areas to park near to school.