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Ashmead School

Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Class Superheros

This term we are discussing what makes our classmates super!

Each week we talk about the great things a few of our friends can do.

Can you see your child below? Why not ask them what their classmates thought they were super at?

Friday 15th November

Friday 15th November 1
Friday 15th November 2

Friday 8th November

Friday 8th November 1
Friday 8th November 2
Friday 8th November 3

Friday 18th October

Friday 18th October 1
Friday 18th October 2
Friday 18th October 3

Friday 11th October

Friday 11th October 1
Friday 11th October 2
Friday 11th October 3

Friday 4th October

Friday 4th October 1
Friday 4th October 2
Friday 4th October 3
Friday 4th October 4
Friday 4th October 5

Friday 27th September

Friday 27th September 1
Friday 27th September 2
Friday 27th September 3
Friday 27th September 4
Friday 27th September 5
Friday 27th September 6

Friday 20th September

Friday 20th September 1
Friday 20th September 2
Friday 20th September 3
Friday 20th September 4
Friday 20th September 5
Friday 20th September 6
Friday 20th September 7
Friday 20th September 8

Friday 13th February

Friday 13th February 1
Friday 13th February 2
Friday 13th February 3
Friday 13th February 4
Friday 13th February 5
Friday 13th February 6
Friday 13th February 7
Friday 13th February 8