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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

District Sports: Athletics

A big congratulations to all the children who braved the humid weather and jumped, threw or ran in events on Monday 24th June at Stoke Mandeville Guttmann Stadium.


Please see the results below:


Event Name Position
Boys Year 5/6 shot put Harlan 8th    6.18m
Girls Year 5/6 shot put Demi 3rd    8.96m
Boys Year 3/4 shot put Reggi 7th    4.53m
Girls Year 3/4 shot put Rubi 6th    4.76m
Boys Year 5/6 Long Jump Chhayank 5th
Girls Year 5/6 Long Jump Katie 8th
Boys Year 3/4 Long Jump Carter 7th
Girls Year 3/4 Long Jump Tegan 8th
Boys Year 3 60m Hayden 8th
Girls Year 3 60m Anu 5th
Boys Year 4 60m Taylor 6th
Girls Year 4 60m Faith 2nd
Boys Year 3/4 600m Pavinash 7th
Girls Year 3/4 600m Jasmin 8th
Boys 4 x 100m Year 3/4 Kurtis, Hayden, Taylor, Carter 7th
Girls 4 x 100m Year 3/4 Anu, Faith, Tegan, Jasmin 5th
Boys Year 5 80m Azaan 8th
Girls Year 5 80m Samarah 6th
Boys Year 6 80m Nsoma 1st
Girls Year 6 80m Katie 8th
Boys Year 5/6 800m Jamie 12th
Girls Year 5/6 800m Bavisha 14th
Boys 4 x 100m Year 5/6 Nsoma, Lucas, Jamie, Azaan 6th
Girls 4 x 100m Year 5/6 Caylee, Samarah, Ellie, Katie 7th