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High 5 Netball

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Club day: Tuesday (3.30-4.30pm)


No more club this year  Thank you to all the girls and boys who came to training and played in the matches this season - you all progressed so well! Make sure you join the Netball teams in Year 7!


Please take a look at the fixture lists, results and photos to see how our High 5 Netballers are getting on this season!


Date Against Home or Away Score W D L Player of the Match
Tuesday 6th November Halton Away 0-5 L Brixen
Wednesday 14th November Berryfields Home 2-3 L Lucy
Tuesday 5th March Wendover Away 7-0 W Demi
Wednesday 13th March Bedgrove Home 0-10 L Ellie
Wednesday 20th March Bierton Away 2-4 L Evania
Tuesday 26th March Stoke Mandeville Home 2-2 D Lucy
Wednesday 1st May Buckingham Park  Home  1-10 L Isla
Thursday 2nd May Oak Green Away 0-12 L Maria


Please be aware that these dates may change depending on school availability!


Wingrave Netball Tournament


On Friday 10th May, 15 keen and enthusiastic netballers braved the weather to compete in a friendly netball tournament at Wingrave Park against 14 other teams. The girls created their own teams to make their final netball matches the most fun with their friends. We really enjoyed seeing the girls playing some great netball, making us so proud!

Both teams worked so hard throughout the tournament, adapting their tactics, improving their passes and remaining resilient.  A massive congratulations to all the girls!




Ashmead Purples: 11th

Andrea, Ruby, Emma, Aspen, Shanice, Sophia, Felicity

  Ashmead Reds: 4th

Ellie, Samarah, Zara, Megan, Laura, Maria, Isla, Lucy

Match 1 1-6 lost     Andrea scored 1 2-0 won     Laura and Samarah scored 1 each
Match 2 1-3 lost     Ruby scored 1 0-2 lost
Match 3 0-0 drew 1-0 won     Ellie scored 1
Match 4 0-2 lost 4-0 won     Samarah and Isla scored 2 each
Match 5 1-1 drew    Andrea scored 1 0-0 drew
Match 6 2-0 won     Andrea and Ruby scored 1 each 0-0 drew
Play Offs 2-0 won     Andrea and Sophia scored 1 each 0-1 lost


Local Netball Teams & Information 

Tuesday 5th March : Ashmead vs. Wendover


Hi my name is Andrea and I was team captain for the netball match against Wendover. The players on my team were: Samarah, Ellie, Shannon, Ruby, Demi and Shanice. The score to the match was 7 nil to us; Samarah and Ellie scored 2 goals each and Ruby scored the final three. Shanice was fantastic at defence and Shannon played very well in centre. I chose Demi to be the player of the match because she caught the ball at even the hardest moments.


Written by Andrea B (Year 6)

Wednesday 14th November : Ashmead vs. Berryfields


Hi my name is Shannon (captain) and my team was Lucy, Andrea, Zara, Aspen and Malacai. Lucy and Zara scored all the goals, Malacai did amazing defending and Andrea and I were fantastic at passing and finding good spaces throughout the game. Also Lucy got player of the match and the score was 3-2 to Berryfields.


Written by Shannon H (Year 6)

Tuesday 6th November : Ashmead vs. Halton


The children were SO excited to play in their first ever game of Netball. In each quarter, the worked hard as a team, passing accurately to each other whilst also remembering to use ‘pivots’ correctly. Maria and Samarah ran up and down the court so quickly to mark their players, whilst Ellie was amazing at flying in to intercept passes. Lily, Laura and Brixen defended their shooters so tightly that in each quarter, Halton were only able to score 1 goal even though they had mutliple chances...a fantastic effort by every single player! Ellie (captain) awarded Brixen Player of the Match for excellent passing and marking.