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Reading Records: Key Stage 2 Reading Questions

Key Stage 2 Comprehension Questions


Please use the comprehension questions to further support your child when reading with them.


Vocabulary Questions


  • What does this word/phrase/sentence tell you about the character/setting/mood?
  • By writing …, what effect has the author created? Do you think they intended to?
  • What other words/phrases could the author have use here? Why?
  • How has the author made you feel by writing …? Why?


Retrieval Questions


  • Find the … in this text. Is it anywhere else?
  • When/where is this story set? How do you know?
  • Find the part of the story that best describes the setting.
  • What do you think is happening here? Why?
  • What might this mean?


Inference Questions


  • What do you think … means? Why do you think that? Could it be anything else?
  • I think …; do you agree? Why/Why not?
  • How do you think … ?
  • Can you explain why … ?
  • What do these words mean and why do you think that the author chose them?


Prediction Questions


  • Can you think of another story with a similar theme? How do their plots differ?
  • Which stories have openings like this? Do you think that this story will develop in the same way?
  • Why did the author choose this setting? Will that influence the story?


Compare, Contrast and Comment


  • What is similar/different about two characters?
  • Is this as good as…? Which is better and why?