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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Spring Term

We have had a very busy half term in years 4 and 5! There have been lots of visitors to our school and they have helped us learn about our topic 'Water, Water Everywhere'.

The Fire Service came in, they were telling us how they help people who have been put in danger by floods and showing us the equipment they use to help rescue these people. Mr Rogers visited from the Met Office and told us how floods happen.

We also had a visit from the Environment Agency. They showed us a Lego model of a house being flooded, we watched as the water got closer and closer to the house! They also told us how to find out if our houses were at risk of flooding by searching for our post codes online. Finally, we enjoyed playing in fake flood water and seeing what we could find in the muck! We fished out lots of things including, a shopping trolley, a bin, teddies and toys, paper towels and some more disgusting items like rats and sewage waste! GROSS!

We are looking forward to more fun after half term and we hope you have a lovely break!