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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Walk to School Initiative



The children have been working really hard learning the Walk to School Song.

They are really hoping to surprise you all soon and show you what they have been doing.

Who's going to the School Fete tonight?



Walk to School Song on YouTube

We held a competition to write a Walk to School Song to raise awareness of road safety and safe and sustainable ways to travel to school. Lots of children wrote lyrics. Mrs Cupid chose the best bits and put them altogether using lyrics from Grace Ruth, The Budd Children and Harmony Cupid. All the children learned the song and those who had permission featured in the film.
We hope this film will be used on YouTube and by local radio or even nationally.
Let's see what we can do to keep our children safe and healthy on their journey to school!
Ashmead loves let's walk, let's bike, let's scoot to school YEAH!


Please check out the up and coming link to YouTube to view our Walk to School Song Film.

Walk to school Song


Lyrics for Walk to School Song

Whole Project.mp3

Ashmead Walk to School Song - update


If you wrote an entry for the song competition, thank you very much.

Mrs Cupid sat for a long time working out which one was the best! In the end she decided to take the best bits from some of the songs and put them altogether to make one great song.


Mrs Allan has given her time and helped Mrs Cupid put a melody and beats to the tune, she has recorded a version which the children will now learn at school.


All the children will learn the song and hopefully the majority will be allowed in the video we hope to film shortly.


Look out for a permission slip from Mrs Cupid, so you can be in it!



Thanks for your donations for Bling Your Bike, Sup up your Scooter and Shimmy Your Shoes day!  


We are hoping to buy some Scooter pods with the money we have raised. When we have purchased them they will be on the play ground to help with storage now everyone is making such a great effort to find a sustainable way to travel to school. The PTA are also going to help us with valuable contribution towards the total cost! Thanks to you all for your participation the decorations looked fantastic!   

Bling Your Bike, Sup Up Your Scooter, Shimmy Your Shoes Day 2018

Well done to our 4 top entries of the WOW competition. Maise Ringrow, Archie Harris, Aaron White and Dylan (aged7). Mrs Cupid will contact you about your rewards. Your entries will now be sent to be judged nationally. Fingers crossed we might win!

Be Bright Day December 2017