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Whole School Parent Guide to Writing in Reading Records

Parent Guide to Reading Record Comments


Listed below are some comments which may help you when writing in your child’s Reading Record Book to describe how your child has read at home. It is important to record both positive and developmental comments, as this will help both teachers and parents gain a better understanding about how your child is progressing. The statements below are just a guide; please feel free to adapt the wording and write comments which you feel appropriate.


  • Read familiar words independently
  • Able to predict what happens next in the text
  • Read with good expression
  • Showed good understanding of the text
  • Worked out new words independently
  • Worked out new words by sounding them out
  • Summarised the story and characters well
  • Enjoyed reading this book
  • Self-corrected own errors independently
  • Used the picture cue and the first sound of a word to work out words
  • Read with fluency


  • Struggled to concentrate
  • He/she made a number of errors because he/she was not looking carefully enough
  • Would not read tonight
  • Found this book hard to read
  • Able to read this book with a lot of support
  • Struggled to work out the vocabulary
  • We still need to work on his/her fluency
  • Found it difficult to comprehend was he/she has read