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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Year 5 & 6 2016

Welcome to Years 5 and 6!


Lion King Day

We have had a roaringly good day today! Thank you to all children (and parents!) who made such a fantastic effort with the Lion King themed costumes. We thought they were brilliant. 

Our day started with a roaring competition and, although Shay, Alex, Kenzo, Nicole, Elysia, Jack, Finlay, Owais, Tommy and Amelia demonstrated scarily good roaring techniques, the overall winner was Rhys who won a Lion bar (of course!).

Following that, the day involved singing, acting, dancing, art and designing programme sessions, as well as listening to the Lion King music and watching parts of the film.

The day culminated in a playground flashmob where the whole school came to watch our first performance of 'Can you feel the Love tonight?'.

Thanks to Mr Dickson and all of the teachers - but especially to all the children - for making it such a successful day! We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs and that it gives you a taster of the production to come...

Lion King Day 16th June

Learning how to march in preparation for our Lion King show, thanks to Mr Compton!

Mr Stocks' English class wrote to our MP, David Liddington. This week we received his response!

The not-Barton Hall crew (all 98 children!) had a fantastic week too!

Our week involved: First Aid training (the recovery position, how to make an emergency phone call, how to treat an asthma attack and how to treat a burn or scald); cooking (hopefully you've received your copy of the chocolate chip cookie recipe!) - yummy!; a mini-Enterprise (see the results below); art work; creating wordsearches on the computer; survival skills, to mention just a few things! The week culminated in a day at Wendover Woods where we had a 'Come Den with Me' challenge. Despite the drizzle, we had a fantastic time! Enjoy looking at the photos...


Mini-Enterprise Challenge

Each team had to design a prototype box on the theme Roots, Shoots and Leaves, then sell the design to the bank. The team then had 5 working days in which to create as many boxes as possible, selling them and buying more materials to create more boxes. The teams could receive bonus points from the judges, or fines (health, safety and rest was important!).

  • 3rd Place Mini-Money Manufacturers 
  • 2nd Place Fantastic Flavour Foundations
  • 1st Place The Billionaire Lifestyle


Here's some quotes from the different teams in their final reports:

“The most difficult part was finishing everything on time because we were working slowly and we spent most of our time practicing the design instead of drawing it on the box. We solved this by working at a quicker pace and not panicking when time was nearly up.”

“The most difficult part was making sure all the boxes were identical. We solved this by looking carefully for even the slightest differences.”

We decided on our team logo because, “Our initials are M.S. so we decided to use them with nature swirls.”

Have your team enjoyed taking part in the Mini Enterprise competition?

“We did enjoy it because it got us working as a team and tested our speed.”

“Yes, because it is fun and you can experience a mini version of what a daily job is like.”

“Yes because it really tested our skills and helped us to work together. This also made sure that no one was left out and that everyone had something to do.”​​​​​​​

Come Den with Me Winners

Den Dabbers, Dab on Den and Denny Lenny (who combined to create a super-den!)

Single Den winning team - Charlie, Alishba, Ellie, Hannah, Esa, Mehek, Tommy and Jack

Come Den with Me challenge in Wendover Woods

Roots, Shoots and Leaves

Summer Term 2017

We've got a busy term ahead with SATs, the residential trip, preparation for the year 6s to go to secondary school; not to mention all the fun activities we have planned! Have a look at our environments...

Have a look at our Fashion Show and see the latest styles in recycled fashion!

Carbon Detectives - come and have a look at our new displays!

We wrote and posted Thank You letters to the museum

We paid a visit to Milton Keynes Museum where we traveled back in time and experienced life as a Victorian. On our tour through the house, we learnt how Victorians did their laundry, grew and cooked their own food, had their daily wash and what life was like for a Victorian child. Our lesson in the school room was eye opening when we saw how clean our hands had to be, how quiet and straight we had to sit and the punishments that were given to children! We are now looking forward to writing a diary entry about life in the Victorian times. 


"This was the best trip so far because you could get the real experience of how people felt. The school room was the best part because we all got to be teachers." - Abinaya (5/6JR) 

Have a look at our MK museum pictures

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Have a look at our fantastic hat creations at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It was a great afternoon enjoyed by all and there were even special guest appearances from The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts!  Thank you to those who provided cakes/nibbles, they were much appreciated. 
See the details from last week's Open Evening. If you have any questions, please do get in touch. 

Mad Hatter Letter 20/09/2016

Autumn Term - Curiouser and Curiouser ....