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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Year 6 2017

Here are the brilliant photos from the Year 6 production of 'Shrek'. Keep posted from the prom album which will be uploaded very soon. Congratulations Class of 2018 - you have been incredible and have sent of in style!

Year 6 Sleepover!

There will certainly be some tired children on Monday morning after the Year 6 sleepover this weekend! After an evening of rounders, sardines and outdoor games, the children 'settled down' to watch the 'Greatest Showman' and, as predicted, didn't get much sleep after! Thank you to all of the teachers who attended - it was a fantastic end of year treat and another great Ashmead memory for our Year 6 leavers!

This week, the Year 6 children participated in the 'Wheelpower Slalom Challenge' in which they had the opportunity to learn the basic skills of controlling and operating a wheelchair. During the challenge, the children worked in teams to steer their wheelchairs, avoiding obstacles and safely directing themselves within a given time-frame.  


Alongside this, the children have been busy starting their 'cycle across Ghana' challenge, inspired by our Topic's hero, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. Each pupil was set the target of raising £6 for their part of the sponsored cycle, which would provide a wheelchair session for a child at 'Wheelpower'. The teachers have been absolutely amazed by their fundraising skills and their determination to cycle 400 miles in 4 weeks!! It has really put into perspective how incredible a challenge it was for Emmanuel, who did so in 10 days with only one leg. Keep going Year 6 - we are over half way there!!!

Today, the Year 6 children had their first 'Shrek' experience! Not only did they all impress the teachers with their fantastic costumes, but they were also able to give the rest of the school a sneak preview of the songs '500 Miles' and 'I'm a Believer' from the show itself! Enjoying a day full of singing, dancing and acting, we are all now very excited for the production which will take place at the end of term. Tickets will be available soon!

Year 6 have landed at Caythorpe Court

Year 6 have landed at Caythorpe Court  1

Morning all, 

Tent 34 broke the residential record this morning ....awake at 4:20am (thanks boys!). All children were up and out by 6:30am; it’s going to be a long day. On a positive note the sun is shining and we only have another hour until breakfast. 

After a quiet night and a not so early start all campers are happy. Check back here throughout the day for more pictures and videos showing our latest exciting adventures on Day 2.

Giant Swing

Still image for this video

Will she won’t she ???

Still image for this video

Zip wire

Still image for this video

Good morning all from a very sleepy Caythorpe camp. How the tides have turned.....this morning we have had to wake most of the children up. However, we are all in good spirits and looking forward to another action packed day, before the ‘big pack’ later! 

So many of the instructors have commented on what a lovely group of children they are. They have all been amazing; all have got stuck in and loved every minute.....#veyproud

Zip fun

Still image for this video

I used to be scared....not anymore

Still image for this video

Good morning from Caythorpe. Our final night and morning have been very wet ones 😬. However, children are all still enjoying themselves regardless. 

We will leave as soon as the children have eaten lunch -final day Burger πŸ”πŸ˜Š. We hope to leave about 2pm and arrive at school between 4:30 and 5pm (at least that is the plan!). We will update the scrolling banner here with updates on the progress of the journey. Thank you for lending us your children for the week they have been absolutely amazing 😁

We’ve been to Caythorpe Court πŸ˜†

We’ve been to Caythorpe Court πŸ˜† 1
We’ve been to Caythorpe Court πŸ˜† 2

Andy from Wheelpower's visit!

On Wednesday afternoon, the children were lucky enough to be visited by a former Ashmead pupil, Andy, who works with an organization called 'Wheelpower'. He spoke to the children about his life and background as a wheelchair user, provided information on wheelchair sports and gave them some fantastic words of advice - to 'never give up' and 'always have a go'! Andy also showed the children the paralympic torch he carried as part of the Paralympic Games in 2014! 


We are certainly looking forward to his next visit with 'Wheelpower' after half term, when the children will have the opportunity to take on the 'Wheelpower slalom challenge'. This was a great start to the topic and we would like to thank Andy for all his words of wisdom!

New Topic - Against All Odds

Our learning environments

This term's brand-new Year 6 topic is 'Against All Odds', inspired by the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, a disabled child who cycled 400 miles across Ghana in 10 days with only one leg, to change the perception of people with disabilities. Our classrooms reflect the bright, positive and 'African' nature of this inspiring story and also the journey which the children have nearly completed, as their time at Ashmead comes to an end. In a busy final term, the children will be taking part in the 'cycle across Ghana' fundraising event, among many other exciting physical challenges! In lessons, they will be learning about the human body, healthy eating, diet and the value of sportsmanship - many have also set themselves academic and extra-curricular targets for the term ahead. They are excited for what will be a busy few months, including rehearsing for the end of year production, Shrek!


In the Easter holidays, 24 Year 6 children took part in the annual dance festival 'Honeycomb' at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. During the day, the children experienced a day in the life of a performer, taking part in dance workshops, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and even photo shoots! They then superbly performed their dance 'This is Me' to an audience of hundreds of people, which was met with rapturous applause, cheering and even tears (of joy)!


Congratulations on a fantastic dance - you did yourselves proud!

smileyOur '500 Words' Competition winner is Lily Gilbert!smiley


Congratulations to Lily for winning our '500 words' writing competition. She impressed all of the teachers with her imaginative story / poem, 'The Fabulous Four' - her writing will be sent off to the BBC and we wish her all the best!


The Fabulous Four


The sun starts its lazy climb in the sky,

Many animals are relaxed nearby,

Elephants stretch and start to amble,

As miniature creatures begin to scramble,

So many fantastic creatures so much to adore,

Such beauty but wait could there be more…


Sunbathing in the clear, watery pool,

There was a frog (who looked very cool).

“I am the fabulous frog!” he said aloud,

“Look at me I’m amazing and I’m so proud!”

“Oh my skin, so silky and green,”

“Not a spot nor a wart could be seen!”

“And my sky blue eyes don’t they look fine,”

“Glistening and twinkling, aren’t they divine?”

As he sang this song as loud as can be,

Another animal flew from a tree.


“I am the fabulous toucan!” he said beaming with pride.

“Gaze upon my wings aren’t they wide?”

“You see my beak so shiny and bright,”

“There’s no need for sunlight!”

As she sung this song through and through,

The frog shouted join the crew!”

As the two creatures strolled across the African plain,


They noticed a lion combing his mane.

“I am the fabulous lion!” he said as he prowled along,

“And just to prove it, I’ll sing you this song!”

“Look at my mane such a beautiful sight,”

“It would fill everyone with delight!”

“Admire my sharp, knife- light jaws,”

“Let’s not forget about my pointy claws!”

Then the others yelled “Whoop Whoop!”

“Come and join our group!”


The fabulous three sung their fabulous song,

As they fabulously marched along!

500 Words Competition 2018

As part of a very special 'Writing Masters' competition this week, the Year 6 children were set the task of entering BBC's '500 Words' writing competition, in which they were challenged to create an original story in 500 words or less. Impressively, 43 children from Year 6 voluntarily entered the competition this week - which is a new 'writing masters' record! The top 5 entries will be sent to the BBC as part of the competition and the winner will receive a very special prize!


Mr Dickson has certainly got a tough half-term 'break' ahead choosing the winner! Best of luck to everyone involved!

This week in Literacy, the children have been busy creating a new 'golden ticket' winning character to feature in Roald Dahl's book, 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory'. Today, they had the opportunity to dress up and impersonate their characters - some were even lucky enough to win a golden ticket for their creative costumes!

New Topic - From Bean to Bar

Our new classrooms

This term's Year 6 topic is 'From Bean to Bar', in which the children will be immersed in the fabulous world of chocolate! Our wonderful new learning environments show what the children will be learning about this term - this includes studying Roald Dahl's fantastic book 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory', taking part in the first ever Ashmead 'reading marathon' and learning about the history and geography of the chocolate making process, from 'bean to bar'. The children are very excited about what will be a busy, yet fun term ahead!
Here are some more photos from our magical day at the Warner Bros. Studios...
On Tuesday, the children visited the incredible Warner Bros. Studios - The Making of Harry Potter! Here is a sneak preview of one of the many 'magical' moments of the day... 

Our 'Fantastic' Learning:

The Year 6 children have been working hard across the curriculum this term, creating some brilliant art-work, extended writing and scientific explanations. They are all very proud of the 'fantastic' learning journeys which we have produced, including work on the Ancient Greeks, report writing of mythical beasts (in English and Spanish!!) and classification of living organisms. 

Trip to Warner Brothers Studios!

Trip to Warner Brothers Studios! 1

We are excited to announce that our Year 6 trip to Warner Brothers Studio: The Making of Harry Potter has been confirmed for Tuesday 28th November!


The tour of the studios offers the children the opportunity to step into the sets used in the films and discover how special and visual effects are used to bring the films to life on screen. They will also learn how magical creatures are designed, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves within Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts adventure!


The children are currently busy in Literacy designing and writing reports for their own 'fantastic' beasts as part of a recent competition set by Warner Brothers Studio. They cannot wait to share their ideas in person!

Our new classrooms!

Welcome back to our new Year 6 classrooms and our brand-new topic 'Fantastic Beasts'. The Year 6 children are well-rested after their summer break and are loving their new learning environments and reading books! We are all very excited about what will be a busy year ahead.