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Year 6 2019

Ashmead School Leavers 2020

A Goodbye and Good Luck to our dear Year 6's

Just added! The Buckinghamshire Secondary School Transition Form. Please see Parent Mail for more information. 

Just added! Have a look at the Parents, Learning at Home page to see some familiar, friendly faces! Missing you all :) 

Coronavirus - A Book For Children

April Update 


Good morning Year 6!


I hope you are all keeping safe and well and managing to occupy yourselves. This week would have been the start of our new summer topic and it feels very strange not welcoming you all back to school.


I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well at home. Remember to keep trying to do some maths, reading, writing and topic work each day. This could be reading a book, doing some Times Tables Rockstars, writing a diary entry in your blue book and 5 minutes of mindfulness.  Try to do a bit little and often and don’t let it stress you out or worry you. You’re doing great! If something is not motivating you, leave it and find something that you will enjoy. The important thing is that you’re spending lots of time with your families and looking after each other.


I must admit, yesterday I was feeling a little bored so I googled some calendar dates for the last 2 weeks of April: it’s amazing what you can find!  For instance, this week is National Organise Yourself Week and next week is National Karaoke week.  Therefore I expect to hear that you have tidied your bedrooms this week and I will listen out for your gorgeous singing next week!  Here are some other days I found that might interest you:


  • National Look-a-Like day - Dress yourself up to look like your favourite film/book character or singer and take a selfie.





  • Hug a friend day – Send your friend a virtual hug. Phone or video a relative who might be alone and need a virtual hug.


In addition, the BBC Bitesize have produced daily lessons for you guys to have a go at; follow this link  They have lessons in Maths, English and a topic subject and they change every day.


On a personal note, Easter weekend was a time for our Christians to reflect on values and appreciate friends, family and loved ones.  This week is the start of Ramadan where Muslims all over the world will begin fasting during daylight hours followed by prayer and Iftar (breaking of the fast).  Both events cause us to think about how we value those around us and what is really important and for those of us who may not be religious, it has also been a time of mindfulness and equally a time to reset values towards the here and now and what we have to be grateful for.   In fact, this week, I have written a list of what I feel grateful for and it was a lovely experience and I would encourage you to have a go.


As Mr BG said, it’s been a pleasure to see so many of you having a go at the activities online so keep up the good work. We are enjoying writing comments back to you on My Maths and Purple Mash!  Missing you all very much and sending you and your families our very best wishes and Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim families.


Mrs Ashby and the Year 6 team.

Mid-April Update


Hi Year 6,


We hope that everybody is keeping themselves busy during lock-down and that you are making the most of this time with your families. This weekend, Christians around the world celebrated Easter in a way that they have never done before. Church services were streamed live and millions of people found new ways to connect with their friends or families remotely. This is something that I have also been trying to embrace over the last few weeks as I have kept in touch with friends via video chats, text messages or phone calls. I have attended a fancy dress party, cooked along with friends, sung in a choir, joined Joe Wicks with PE, participated in weekly quizzes, read bedtime stories to my nephew and been in meetings with the other Ashmead teachers – all without leaving home. I sincerely hope that you are all taking the opportunities to engage with your friends and family too and want to encourage you to contact one of your school friends this week to see how they are. We all learnt about the power of kind words in the Spring term and embarked on a mission to be kind to one another – this is something you should all continue to do as we head into another week in isolation.


I have also really enjoyed keeping up-to-date with your work on MyMaths, TTRockstars, Bug Club and Purple Mash. It has been amazing to see so many of you challenging yourselves to learning new things in MyMaths and I have been blown away by the effort and time many in my class have devoted to working through the different activities. I have given feedback to a number of you about this on MyMaths, but wanted to say it to everyone: it is so nice to see people trying things again when they struggle. You will not always get things right first time (especially if you are trying something new) but that does not matter, only by revisiting and reflecting on you mistakes can you learn and improve. It is fair to say that you guys ROCK as far as times tables go – the teachers are currently being beaten by Year 6 (which is a little embarrassing!) but the battle is not over yet... Finally, I have loved seeing some of the work on Purple Mash. A challenge has been set for you to use the ‘2Animate’ app and create a short animation thanking key workers or the NHS. There have been some awesome starts made to this and I cannot wait to see the finished products (don’t forget to save your work into your class folders so that teachers can see them!)


The Year 6 teachers are continuing to upload new activities for you to do onto the class pages of the website, so keep your eyes peeled for extra tasks to complete in your home books! The last thing that I wanted to tell you about was that Dyson have created 44 engineering and science activities for children to try out while at home during the coronavirus pandemic, from making a balloon-powered car to building a bridge from spaghetti. Following the closure of schools across the globe due to Covid-19, designers from the James Dyson Foundation have come up with a series of challenges to help kids learn at home during isolation. Comprised of 22 science tasks and 22 engineering activities, the Challenge Cards can be completed by children using common household items such as eggs, string and balloons.


Here is the link:


Missing you all and wishing you the best!


Mr Boxall-Goynes and the Year 6 Team

April Update 


Hi everyone!


We hope that you are keeping safe and well. We have seen that you have been working hard and hope that you are enjoying the extra time with your families and setting into the new routine. It's hard to believe that we have been at home for 2 weeks now! I have been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks every morning and learning to draw Disney characters from online videos. For those of you who know my artistic skills, you can imagine how some of them have turned out!


We are missing you all so much and have absolutely loved looking through all the work that you have been doing on My Maths, Bug Club and Times Tables Rockstars. Hopefully you've seen some of our comments on My Maths!  I know some of my class have even been making games on Purple Mash which I have thoroughly enjoyed playing so thank you!  I know your teachers have been setting you more tasks on My Maths and Bug Club so keep an eye out for those. Some will be topics that you have covered in class but others might be completely new to you. I would therefore really recommend you check out the lesson and practice activities first and remember that you can have as many attempts at the questions as you like. I can also see that lots of you have been playing Times Tables Rockstars and Year 6 girls beat the boys; Mrs Ashby's Maths class beat mine and that the whole of Year 6 managed a spectacular win against the teachers (2,825 points to 18,470!!) so a huge well done to all of you who have been playing! I'll be setting up a couple of new battles so keep your eyes peeled. 


Another website that is useful is White Rose Maths. White Rose Maths, a company who specialises in the teaching of Maths, have been publishing daily lessons and activities online for the children to complete whilst at home. you don't fancy the online resources, then how about playing a game of cards or challenging your mental maths with someone in your family? These are all good fun too! 


I have also been adding First News reading activities as well as extra English, Maths and Topic ideas for you to have a go at. 


Stay safe and well everyone and make sure you look after each other. We are missing you an awful lot!


Miss Redrup & the Year 6 Team 



March Update 


Hello everyone, we hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home. We are missing seeing you all in school! Here is a Year 6 Learning Overview which has lots of useful information for Maths, Reading and Spag, including useful websites for you to use at home. We have looked at MyMaths, Times Tables Rockstars and Bug Club in class and your usernames and passwords will be in the packs you took home. If you were not at school at the end of last week, don't worry! You can still use Times Tables Rockstars and Bug Club - the log on information is in the Learning Overview below. Remember that you can also use Purple Mash to have a go at making your own coding or internet safety games! :) 


Make sure you also have a look at the Writing, Science and Topic tasks that we've put together for you to have a go at at home. Remember all the hard work that you have put in this year to use band 6 punctuation, fronted adverbials and lovely vocabulary in your work. You can use your blue book and pencil that you were given at school - if you missed out, come and get some from the school office (if it's safe to do so!). We are looking forward to hearing about your creations! 


We have also added information to the Year 6 homework pages below. Make sure you check them out! Remember to try  to do a little big of reading, writing and maths everyday but don't forget the fun, creative activities too. Make sure you enjoy the warm weather and try to keep active. Play board games, draw, paint, make cards, do jigsaw puzzles, get out in the garden, make exercise circuits, make up dances, create puzzles and above all, enjoy the sunshine while it's out and,stay safe and well. We are missing you all and are looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon! 


The Year 6 team 

Happy New Year! Have a look through our Choc-tastic displays for this term's Chocolate and Mayan topic - From Bean to Bar. 

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Welcome Back! 

We hope you’ve all had a Fantastic Summer holiday, and are ready for an action packed term!

Take a look at our classroom display photographs to see if you can work out what we will learn throughout this term!