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3. Warner Bros. Presents...

smileyCompetition winner - Hannah Blackburnsmiley


Congratulations to Hannah who has won the third writing competition of the year! Here is her imaginative idea for a new film to be created by Warner Bros. studios:


The Girl with the Gift


My story is about a girl who has always been a mystery to her village. She had no family, no home and no friends. Despite this, she was gifted with skills such as fighting, karate, gymnastics and martial arts. Because of her name being unknown to the public, residents called her 'the girl with the gift'. Although she is very thoughtful, not everyone can trust her. She attempts to win their trust but it fails. Will she be able to make friends and fit in with all the others?


The writing team were particularly impressed with Hannah's exciting 'film trailer' style of writing which was different to any of the others we read. In addition to her neat, joined handwriting, Hannah left us wanting to find out more with the clever use of a rhetorical question at the end! 

Warner Bros. Presents...

Warner Bros. Presents... 1

Inspired by our upcoming school trip, for this week's competition, the children have been set the task of becoming a famous film director and creating their own movie! They have been asked to decide a name for their film, create a main character and explain what their film would be about. 


As always, the winner will receive a golden-house point, a £10 voucher and will join Lily and Jack in the 'Writing Masters' hall of fame!


The deadline for entries is Wednesday 22nd November!