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Hello everyone smiley


As always, I hope you are all well and safe and enjoying this time at home with your families. I have really enjoyed looking through all the lovely work you have been doing on My Maths and am so impressed with the amount of work some of you have been doing! You are all superstars enlightened


I have added some more activities and tasks for you to do if you fancy a challenge. Just a reminder, again this is all new stuff! We have not yet done these new tasks in school so remember to have a go at the lesson before you do the activity. Included in this new set of tasks is:


  • Translating shapes (moving them!)
  • Reflecting shapes
  • 4 sets of angles activities (they get harder as you go along)
  • Properties of triangles
  • Irregular polygons (shapes with different length sides)
  • Measuring angles
  • Bearings


An extra Maths activity!

Here is a little idea in addition to all the new activities I have set you on My Maths. Have a look at the assault course/circuit training idea that Miss Ingleton posted on here a few days ago. Why not have a go at that but also incorporate some Maths into the mix as well! Here is an idea to get you started:


  1. Set up 5 or 6 stations around your garden. For each station there needs to be an activity for you to do to get your heart rate up. This could be star jumps, keepie-uppies, skipping ropes, lunges, squats, headers, hopping on the spot…whatever you want really as long as it gets your heart rate up!
  2. After you have chosen all of your stations, you now need to come up with some maths challenges (you might want to get a grown-up or a sibling to help you here!) Your maths challenges could be anything we have done on school or anything you have been learning on My Maths. It could even be a times tables time challenge! 
  3. Once you have all your maths problems, add them to your circuit challenge/assalt course. The idea is, after you have done each exercise activity, you have to complete the maths challenge before you move on to the next exercise station!
  4. You could turn it in to a time trial and compete against your siblings or even the adults you live with! If you want to, you could get someone to film you doing it and send it into school! We would love to see it! Enjoy!




For those of you who fancy an extra reading challenge I have added some of the comprehension pages from our First News newspapers (articles 725 - at the bottom of this page). Read through the articles and then answer the comprehension questions that go with it. You do not need to print these pages - just answer the questions in your exercise books. I have left the answers at the bottom of the document so you can check your answers at the end smiley


I am missing you all very much and look forward to seeing you all soon.


Mrs Short x

A note and some brilliant ideas from our lovely Miss Ingleton smiley:


Hello all,


I have missed you all lots and I hope you are all well and happy and you’re still learning and creating in quarantine! I can’t wait to hear about all of the lovely things you have been making and doing these last few weeks to keep you busy and active. There are some activities below to help you if you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to adapt them and be inventive!


Obstacle Courses

Why not try and create an obstacle course for yourself or your siblings and parents? Be creative with some of the things you find in your house and see what kind of crazy courses you can make, as well as putting in some exercises that you already know (running on the spot, star jumps, high knees, etc)! Try seeing what your heart rate is before and after you complete the course. To do this:

· Find your pulse on your wrist or your neck.

· Set a timer for 15 seconds and count how many times you feel a beat in those 15 seconds.

· Times that number by 4 to get the number of beats per minute your heart does.

Make sure you write down your beats per minute, just in case when you finish the obstacle course you have worked so hard you can’t remember it anymore! You can also time how long it takes your heart rate to go back down to normal after you have finished your course. What did you notice about it? How might you be able to get your heart rate to come down faster? Make sure you drink a lot of water during this exercise and do some warming up before you start the obstacle course.


Filming a News Report

If you have access to a camera or someone’s phone, why not try filming a news report like the ones we watch on Newsround? You could do some Happy News, like the ones we watch, or you could do a news report about what has been happening around you or in your house then send it off to other family members or friends to cheer them up! Some ideas for your news report could be:

· An interview with your parents or siblings about how they feel about lockdown and quarantine and what you have all been doing – it will be very interesting to watch back in a few years!

· Research and record something that is happening around you that you find interesting (is your street clapping for the NHS, or is there a particular bird or animal that keeps visiting your garden that you are interested in – it is International Bee Day on May 20th!)

· A report about something we learned in school that you enjoyed, with pictures and props to share.

Or combine a few of these things and do it over a few days or create a longer news report. If you don’t want to film yourself, try writing it down as a newspaper. Remember to name your channel or your newspaper!


Get Baking!

I know baking has become very popular in the last few weeks, but if you manage to get your hands on some baking ingredients it can be a great way to practice some of your writing skills – think non-chronological report!

· Title.

· Introduction – what is this dish, why do people usually eat it, when do people eat it?

· Ingredients – use bullet points here and make sure it is precise.

· Method – numbered steps, make sure you are very clear about what you want to happen in each step and keep it simple.

· Pictures – you could do one for each step of the method or a picture of all of the ingredients and the final product.

Make sure you have asked a parent if you can use the ingredients and make sure they are aware that you are baking, just in case you need some help!


Make a Quiz

Another popular activity at the moment, but why not make your own quiz to present to your family. The prize at the end could even be whatever you baked, or something you have made beforehand! Think of some different rounds and make sure it is appropriate for all ages if you have younger siblings. You could include some of your school learning here too, maybe do a quiz based on your favourite subject or do a round per subject at school?


Book Review

I hope you are all getting the opportunity to read lots during this quarantine! A really good idea for when you finish a book is to write a review of it and send the review on to a friend or family member to get them interested in the book. You can include:

· The title of the book and the author and your rating of it (stars or out of ten).

· How you found out about the book yourself.

· A summary of the plot – don’t give away the ending!

· If you liked it and why/why not?

· The best parts of the book and why, make sure you are backing up your answers.

· How you would improve the book.

Remember to include key vocabulary, for example: genre, writing style, scene, narrative, chapter, dialogue, features, layout, audience, purpose. Maybe as well as sending the review to friends and family, you could send the review to the person who recommended it to you, or the shop you bought it from? Keep reading!


Perform something

There are lots of things that we can do to keep our families entertained, and little performances are a brilliant way to keep people cheerful and keep your creative mind working! Here are some ideas for types of performances:

· Read a section of your favourite book out to your family, or a younger sibling. Make sure you are giving the characters voices and making your story sound exciting!

· Create a gymnastics routine. Make sure you practice somewhere safe where you aren’t going to knock anything over or hurt yourself.

· Sing a song. There are lots of backing tracks available online or you can do it without any music if you are feeling brave!

· Play an instrument. If you are lucky enough to have an instrument in your house, make the most of it!

· Choreograph a dance. Choose your favourite piece of music and see what you can invent.

This is another great thing to record if you can and send off to family and friends to cheer them up, or you could do a live performance if you can video call them!


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for some things you could do to keep busy and creative! I can’t wait to see you all again soon!


Miss Ingleton x


Hello everyone!


I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying the sunshine as and when you can!


I am hoping you have been enjoying some of the learning tasks we have set for you and I would like to reassure you that I am not worried about the quantity of work that you do at home – more that you are enjoying yourselves, choosing the activities that you think you will most enjoy and making the most of the extra time you are getting to spend with your families.


I have been looking for some extra activities you could get involved in at home if you choose – I know some of them I have been participating in myself!



This is a website, run by a primary school teacher, who has lots of fantastic ideas about creative writing. This link will take you to a page of 20 writing ideas. My particular favourites are number 13, which is an activity that encourages you to write a letter to your favourite author. Why not send it off as well? You might get a reply! The website will help with details on how to do that. You may also want to have a go at number 12 – writing and hosting a family quiz! You could have different themed rounds – a history round, a music round or even a picture round! Number 9 is also a firm favourite of mine – The Happy News. This is a lovely website full of happy news stories. You could spend a few moments just browsing and reading the lovely stories. In addition to this reading, you could have a go at writing your own piece of ‘happy news’ or create a ‘how to be happy’ scrapbook! There are loads of ideas to help you with that of the Miss P website. Finally, for those of you who fancy a challenge that involves a bit of technology, I would encourage you to have a go at number 5 on the Miss P writing list – ‘Using AR to inspire writing’. This will show you how to google photos of animals and then, using Augmented Reality, bring them to life in your very own home! You may want to put a tiger in your living room or a crocodile in your bath! You can then take photos and videos of these animals coming to life in your house! Why not then use this to inspire a story for a younger child? Or write a fact file about the animal you have chosen to film roaming your home? I would love to see any of the writing you create when we are back together again.



There are some brilliant things happening on the BBC Bitesize daily lessons website! Anyone who has been in my class will now that I am a massive fan of Sir David Attenborough! J He is now providing geography lessons and lessons on ‘Our Oceans’ and ‘Why animals look the way they do’ on the BBC Bitesize website which are definitely worth a listen to. In addition to this, Bitesize Daily lessons have also put together a ‘Book Club’. It will feature a variety of celebrities and authors who will read and discuss their favourite children’s books. There is plenty to see, do and get involved in on this website so I would thoroughly recommend checking this one out!



Finally, Whipsnade Zoo have created some brilliant resources created by the vets and zookeepers from the Zoo. These include study booklets, fact files and there’s even some trivia questions. Why not pair this up with doing a virtual tour around the zoo?! You can visit the elephants, the penguins and even the baby rhino so that is definitely worth having a look at!


It might also be worth remember you can log on to Purple Mash or Language Nut at home as well should you choose to.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and keep smiling always J

I am missing you all so so much and am looking forward to, hopefully, seeing you all soon!

Mrs Short x



Hello everyone! smiley


I hope you are all well and safe and enjoying this extra time at home with your families. I am home myself this week but have still been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks and learning dances with Oti from Strictly Come Dancing. 


I am missing you all so so much and am hoping you have enjoyed the work I have set you to complete in English and Maths. I have LOVED looking through all the work you have been doing online on My Maths and have really enjoyed leaving you all some lovely comments for the activities you have been doing. There are some children in my Maths class who have even finished or nearly finished all of the activities I have set so I have set some more for you to do :) Some of these activities we may only have covered once or twice in school so you may find them a little more tricky. Some of them might be completely new to some of you as well so I would really recommend having a go at the online lesson first before trying the questions (I know I have recommended this to some of you already in my comments!)


The new Maths activities include:

  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Angles (this is something we have not looked at yet!)
  • Coordinates
  • Coordinates with negative numbers (we have done a little of this - have a go at the lesson first)
  • Money calculations
  • Perimeter
  • Properties of triangles (this is something we have not looked at yet!)
  • Time
  • Symmetry


Remember to keep smiling and I hope to see you all soon!


Mrs Short x



Hello everyone! 


Hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. We miss you all here at school and have been keeping busy this morning doing the Joe Wicks PE workout (which I would recommend – it starts at 9am every morning on his YouTube channel!)


Below is a list of activities for you to spend some time doing at home if you wish. There is a section for my Maths and my English class. If you fancy doing some Topic work, there a Topic grid which you can find below the writing activities.



As discussed last week, I have uploaded the writing grid to help get you inspired for your blue exercise books! Remember to include your Band 5 criteria (parenthesis, modal verbs, conjunctions, speech, adventurous vocabulary) if appropriate!

The grid is just to give you ideas. Feel free to divert from this and use your imagination – other ideas we had were to create your dream football team, write about yourself, write a recipe or create one word stories with your families!

I have also included the spellings for Year 5 and 6 for you to work on. Remember to keep it up!



For Reading, you have a set a comprehension questions at the front of your Reading Record which you can use to answer questions about your books. Remember you have bug club to keep up with your reading and there are SPAG activities on there as well.



If you would like to continue practising your maths skills at home, I have set you up some activities on My Maths and you can always practise your times tables on TT Rockstars and Numbots.


You have all been set up with usernames and passwords to get on to My Maths. This is a Maths website which allows me to set you tasks to complete from home. Everything that I have chosen to set you on My Maths is an extension of what we have already learnt in class – so nothing should be new to you!


We had a lesson in school on how to use the My Maths website and how to access the homework, games and scores section. If you are unsure, all the information is on the My Maths letter that has been sent home with you. If you would like to work anything out on paper that is fine! Also, remember you can use your workbooks that have been sent home with you.


Remember that if you get stuck on a homework task, you can have a go at completing the online lesson first before having another go at the homework task.


The activities I have set for you on My Maths are:

  • 12 times table practise
  • 8 times table practise
  • 9 times table practise
  • Mixed times table practise – 7,8,9
  • Bar multiplication
  • Estimates and inverse operations
  • Negative numbers
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiples
  • Multiplying by 10
  • Multiplying by 10 and 100
  • More written methods (addition and subtraction focus)
  • Roman numerals
  • Rounding to 10 and 100
  • Sums using 10,100 and 1000s
  • Working with thousands


We have also sent home login reminders for TT Rockstars and Numbots (which can both be found on the same letter).


If your child has not been in school since the My Maths logins were set up, then they can continue practising their times tables on TT Rockstars. If you are unsure of the login details, their usernames and passwords can be found in their homework folders.


Stay safe and keep smiling J

Mrs Short x