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Wednesday 20th May 2020


Hi Everyone!


I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the incredible weather that we are having this week! 


In case you are not aware, on Monday I added some new activities and lesson ideas for you to complete to the website. You can find these at:

Home/Pupils/Class Pages/Years 4 & 5 2019/Summer Term Home Learning
Here you will be able to find your set teachers and see the 5 lessons for Reading, Writing and Maths planned, as well as an updated Y4/5 Topic Grid on the main page with lots of different activities to do. Remember, anything that you are doing at home is brilliant, so do what inspires you! We are hoping to update these regularly, so it is worth checking that section on the website every so often.


Maths set - I have also added on lots of new activities on MyMaths, so have a look at those as well if you fancy it!


It has been lovely to see some of the work that you guys have been doing from home. I can see that you are all working really hard! 


Missing you all,

Miss Nicholls




Thursday 23rd April 2020


Mini Update: The Literacy Trust


The Literacy Trust is a brilliant charity who are releasing content for home learning. They want children to read for pleasure and often use inspiration from sport. They have activities, videos and free digital books for you guys.


They have also just teamed up with Greg James and Chris Smith, the authors of the Kid Normal series, with some exciting new content for you.


The website states that they've, "teamed up with super children’s authors Greg James and Chris Smith to launch a new ‘Author of the week’ series of exclusive videos, activities and free digital books for children."


If you wish to do so, have a look at the website and hopefully it will inspire you for your reading/writing.


I miss you all lots! We are trying tie dying today and also doing some writing based on the 'Jumanji' story. I have received my first letter and cannot wait to respond! Keep them coming in!


Miss Nicholls :) 






Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter holidays! It is weird not to be starting our new topic today!


I hope that you've been able to keep going with your learning. Remember, little and often is best. You can always do your own activities or change one to suit you! This time is also a great opportunity to try something different - have a go at baking, cooking, cleaning your room, sewing etc. ... the possibilities are endless! 


Mrs Rogers has written below the key things that you should be doing during this time not in school:


  • Read something every day (10 - 15 minutes is fine!). Have you seen the First News paper and activities that we're putting on the website in year 4 and 5 each week?
  • Do some number work - this could be TT Rock Stars, My Maths, Topmarks Maths activities, play a board game using numbers or using playing cards, or learn how to tell the time. Don't just choose super easy things - choose things to work your brain a bit (but not so much it becomes frustrating!).
  • Do some writing regularly - there's lots of ideas on the activity page. Here's some links that might give some different ideas: where there are some work books that you might be able to print out. You might need a grown-up to help explain some of the activities.
  • Or you might like this radio show on the internet where you can get involved in all sorts of creative writing opportunities - it's like a fun lesson with lots of children all over the country and they sometimes have authors on the show too. It's on at 9.30am every day.
  • You could have a go at Languagenut or Purple Mash activities - these logins were all sent home in your home learning packs. Explore some of the other subject areas that we don't get the chance to in school. 
  • Remember, to try out the things that help you feel calm (like Mindfulness minute), as well as get some regular playtime or exercise outside - enjoy the sunshine!


I am loving the contact that I have managed to have with some of you! It has been really nice to hear what you have been up to. If you wish, you could write me a letter about what you have been doing! If you send it to school, I will try to write back to you. 


Stay safe! Enjoy the sunshine!



Miss Nicholls smiley



Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are well and staying safe. I can see that you have been working hard and hope that you are all getting into the swing of the new routine.


I have been in school this week working and missing you all! In English, we have created our own room in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - some of the great ideas we had were a candy floss room, a 'spread' room and a lollipop room. We drew it first to get ideas - it might inspire you to create your own one at home!


We have also been making sunshine pictures this week to put up in our windows for people to see when they go on a walk (last week the children made rainbows). Have you put a picture (or a teddy) in your window?



I have been writing comments on children's work who have completed an activity on MyMaths - hopefully you have been able to see it!


Another resource that might interest you is White Rose Maths. White Rose Maths, a company who specialises in the teaching of Maths, have been publishing daily lessons and activities online for the children to complete whilst at home.


Hope you are all well.


Miss Nicholls :) 




Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all well and keeping safe! It is very quiet in school today and I am missing you all.


Please see below the activities that we have shared with you at school already. You can use your blue book and pencil that you were given at school - if you missed out, collect one from the school reception (if it's safe for you to do so!).


Remember, try to do a little bit every day - reading, writing, times tables. Make sure you enjoy the sunshine (when it is out!) when you can. Keep active too - using Gonoodle, the Joe Wicks workouts (we did it at school this morning) or by setting up your own gym at home! Play board games or cards, bake and do jigsaws too - keep smiling!


Please see below specific information for my sets. 


Stay safe!


Miss Nicholls :) 



As discussed last week, I have uploaded the writing grid to help get you inspired for your blue exercise books! Remember to include your Band 5 criteria (parenthesis, modal verbs, conjunctions, speech, adventurous vocabulary) if appropriate!

The grid is just to give you ideas. Feel free to divert from this and use your imagination – other ideas we had were to create your dream football team, write about yourself, write a recipe or create one word stories with your families!

I have also included the spellings for Year 5 and 6 for your to work on. Remember to keep it up! You will be tested on these when we come back!


Purple Mash and Bug Club also have great SPAG activities on it - if you wish to do some online learning.



For Reading, you have a set a comprehension questions at the front of your Reading Record which you can use to answer questions about your books. Remember you also have access to bug club – I will keep checking and adding books and activities to it.



If you would like to continue practising your maths skills at home, I have set you up some activities on My Maths and you can always practise your times tables on TT Rockstars and Numbots.


You have all been set up with usernames and passwords to get on to My Maths. This is a Maths website which allows me to set you tasks to complete from home. I have uploaded a range of activites and will keep on updating this as time goes on - so remember to keep checking!


We had a lesson in school on how to use the My Maths website and how to access the homework, games and scores section. If you are unsure, all the information is on the My Maths letter that has been sent home with you. If you would like to work anything out on paper that is fine! Also, remember you can use your workbooks that have been sent home with you.


Remember that if you get stuck on a homework task, you can have a go at completing the online lesson first before having another go at the homework task.


We have also sent home login reminders for TT Rockstars and Numbots (which can both be found on the same letter).