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Autumn Term Where the Poppies Now Grow

Our Learning Environment

This term our Topic is 'Where the poppies now grow', which focuses on World War 1 (Autumn 1) and World War 2 (Autumn 2). Our classrooms are filled with artefacts from WW1 and WW2 and we have enjoyed using them in our learning as well as distinguishing between primary and secondary sources. We have settled into our new classrooms, are getting used to the the new layout of the 5/6 and are enjoying getting to know out new teachers! Have a look at our amazing classrooms and learning environments in the photos below.

Our Learning

We started this amazing topic off with a DT day where we needed to design, test and build a fleet of aeroplanes that could have been used in the war. We looked at the distance and the flightpath for the planes we created in each class! 

In History we have looked at all the events that  happened during WW1. We can tell you how the war started and how it ended, as well as all the countries that were involved. We can even show you where they are on a map! We learnt all about trench warfare and have been fascinated by the way people lived during the battles. Finally, we have compared and contrasted life during the war and modern day life in Britain.

In Science we have been learning about light. We have looked at different light sources, reflection and refraction and how Isaac Newton discovered the colour spectrum with the use of a prism. 

PE lessons have been filled with gymnastics, hockey and netball and as a year group we have all be focusing on how to work well as a team. Whilst in Art lessons we have created poppies out of clay to be used in a display similar to what we researched was outside the Tower of London!

Writing reading lessons have given us even more insights into the war. We have studied and read the story of Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo and have used this to inspire our writing. We have described a battle scene and are narrating what life is like in trenches using diaries, Blogs and Vlogs.


Have a look at the amazing work year 5 and 6 have produced below...