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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Health & Wellbeing advice for Parents


We recognise that there may be times when our pupils, and perhaps their families too, might need additional support and understanding. We pride ourselves on being a listening and a safeguarding school and would encourage you to come and speak with us.






We are committed to making our school a caring and supportive place, where our children feel safe from harm, abuse, neglect, bullying, discrimination and harassment. Through our PSHE curriculum and our Protective Behaviours Programme, we will address these themes with our pupils, prompt them to think about what to do to keep themselves safe, and to consider who they could turn to for support.

Our staff have had appropriate safeguarding training and know the process to follow if they have a concern for a child. This is explained in our Child Protection Policy (See Policies section on website; printed copy to read available at the School Office).


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and you too, can help with this.


Concerned about ..?

The safety, neglect or welfare of a child (yours or someone else’s)


Your own safety or welfare


Then, speak to one of us



You can also share your concerns directly with Bucks County Council’s First Response Team on 01296 383962 (out of hours: 0800 999 7677).

If there is immediate risk of harm to a child, call the police on 999.


Some websites you may find useful …..



For information on what services and facilities are available to families living in Bucks.




KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE: - Guide for Parents – Keeping Children Safe. Provides information on a whole range of topics. - Let’s Talk Pants - SAFE! A website to support young people (8-18) who have been victims of crime




For information on a variety of mental health topics including anxiety



E-SAFETY: - CEOP: Advice on staying safe when using a mobile phone, tablet or computer - CEOP: Support and safety information on how to keep your child safe - Helping parents keep their children safe online - Safety advice including how to keep under 5s safe online - A guide to social networks your children may be using. - Free access to Digital Parenting, an online safety magazine to help with the “challenges of the digital age” (quote taken from the Parentzone website). - how to make sure a game is age-appropriate. – re: games played online.



BULLYING: – Including information on cyberbullying - includes an interactive, anti-bullying, parent information tool.



Family and individual support for young people with gender identity issues.




Information on how to protect your children from extremism and radicalisation


FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and Breast Ironing:

Information can be found on the NSPCC website. Since 1985, FGM has been a criminal offence in the UK. There is a mandatory duty for Health & Social Care professionals and Teachers to report this to the police.


CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation:

How to spot the signs of CSE.


Young Carers:

Useful information for families where a child helps to care for a parent or a sibling.


Debt advice: