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Ashmead School

Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.


At Ashmead Combined School, we believe a broad curriculum gives children the ability to develop their skills and passions both in and outside of the core subjects. Music provides children a powerful and unique creative form allowing them to express themselves, develop self-confidence and enjoy a sense of achievement either individually or beside their peers.


Children at Ashmead Combined School have the opportunity to enjoy music through listening, singing, movement, and by playing instruments. Our Music curriculum is delivered through carefully crafted topic specific schemes and Charanga’s teaching and learning platform from Reception through to year 6. All schemes are designed to fulfil the Music National Curriculum 2014 requirements giving our children high quality, fun and inspiring musical experience.


As children move further up the school they have the opportunity to learn an instrument during “Whole Class Practical Music” delivered by Buckinghamshires Music Trust peripatetic instrumental teachers. Currently year 3 students are learning to play string instruments altogether, developing their skills and musicianship. After their term of lessons, children are encouraged to further their instrumental tuition either with 1:1 or within small group lessons with the peripatetic tutor.


In addition to the musical experience already available at Ashmead, we are delighted to offer our children the iRock School of Music beginning this Summer term. iRock teach children from Reception to Year 6 how to play in a rock band through group peripatetic instrumental lessons led by professional musicians. Instruments available are drums, keyboard, electric guitar and vocals which children choose prior to enrolling in iRock.


Children also get the opportunity to perform annually in year group productions pulling together all their creative skills, from Music, Drama and Dance. We are really looking forward to these productions commencing again, and sharing with the public once restrictions are lifted post Covid.


 Our Goal in music is to ensure children leave Ashmead with:

  • A love of music whether as a performer, composer or evaluator.
  • The ability to discuss and appreciate music from all around the world
  • The ability to perform with confidence
  • To listen, review, perform and evaluate a wide variety of music
  • To support others emotionally, treating peers respectfully when offering feedback
  • The knowledge to use the interrelated dimensions of music in performing, composition and improvisation
  • The understanding of the interrelated dimensions of music


Skills Progression in Music