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Parent Update

Dear Parents,


Many of you are by now already aware that there has been an incident at school that involves a member of the public on the school site. We would like to reassure you all that all of the children are safe and secure in the school building. The Police are on site and dealing with the matter.

On behalf of the police I would like to ask for your cooperation, and ask that you stay away from the school site while they undertake their duties. If you have need to visit the school site before the end of the school day, please anticipate delays as access to the school site has been restricted.

We will of course keep you informed at the point that there is further news to share.

Please anticipate that should the matter not be resolved shortly, we will be in touch to share arrangements for the end of the school day, in all probability this will involve a staggered finish.

I am sure you can appreciate that on unusual days such as this, the first priority of all staff is to the children. With that in mind, I hope you don’t mind me asking that you avoid phoning the school unless it is absolutely necessary.

In anticipation of your understanding, thank you.

Kind regards,


Marcus Pickover

CO Head Teacher