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Head over to the Ashmead Videos page within News & Events to join in with some Phonics Sessions. Mrs Connick has uploaded some Phase 3 lessons for Reception and Miss Whitehead has recorded some Phase 5 sessions for Year 1.

What is Phonics?


Phonics is the beginning of reading. It is the systematic teaching of sounds. The aim is to teach children two main skills - blending and segmenting. Blending is when you put sounds together in order to read simple words. Segmenting is the opposite process. Phonemes are the sounds that letters make and Graphemes are what the letter actually looks like.



How is phonics taught?

The scheme we use is called Letters and Sounds. This scheme is broken up into phases. Phase 1 is generally taught in Nursery, phases 2, 3 and 4 in Reception, Year One carries on teaching phase 4 and introduces phase 5 and Year Two completes the programme with a recap on phase 5 and the introduction to phase 6.

That does not mean that all children will learn at this rate. Some children will pick the sounds up quickly and others more slowly. The important thing to remember is that all children are individuals and learn at their own pace.


Phase 1 involves listening activities, stories, nursery rhymes and learning to hear words that rhyme. Children should be able to hear different sounds and identify words that start with the same sound in phase 1. At every opportunity, children should be encouraged to put sounds together e.g. 'time for b-e-d' 'what shall we p-l-ay'. This prepares them for phase 2.


Phase 2 introduces all the letter sounds, names and the correct way to write them. By the end of the phase, many children should be able to read some two and three letter words and spell them by using magnetic letters or by writing the letters on whiteboards. They will also learn some 'high frequency' (used most often) words that are readable by blending or are 'tricky' such as 'no' where 'o' makes an 'oh' sound.


Sounds are learnt in a particular order. This order is:

Set 1:          s  a  t  p

Set 2:          i  n  m  d

Set 3:          g  o  c  k

Set 4:          ck  e  u  r

Set 5:          h  b  f/ff  l/ll  ss


And in phase 3

Set 6:          j  v  w  x

Set 7:          y  z/zz  qu

Set 8:          ch  sh  th  ng

Set 9:          ai  ee  oo  oa

Set 10:        ar  or  igh  ur

Set 11:        ow  oi  ear  er

Set 12:        air  ure


Every letter will be introduced by showing a letter (grapheme) and then showing the children what sound it makes (phoneme). We have an action to go with each one as this helps children to remember them. Children also learn the letter names and capital letter (upper case) version.


Check out the Phonics Family website which has been set up by our very own Miss Whitehead. Here you will find a wealth of fantastic phonic activities, all very practical and accessible


Short Phase 3 videos and linked activities 

Find some short videos that introduce you to the Phase 3 phonemes by clicking on the 'News and Events' tab and then going to Ashmead Videos. Watch a video and then find the linked worksheet and activity ideas below.



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