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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Pupil Assessment

As you will be aware, until now all schools have used ‘Levels’ to record and describe how children were attaining and how much progress they were making in school. ‘Levels’ were introduced with the National Curriculum in 1988 and have been reported to parents at the end of each academic year ever since (e.g. your child is currently a 3b and this is average for their age).


As you know, within the old system of levels children worked through the following scale:-




When the new national curriculum was published in 2014, new forms of assessment were developed to align with its content and principles. In line with this, central government and the Department for Education decided that from September 2015, national curriculum levels would no longer be used, and that instead each school should create their own in-school way of assessing children and recording/reporting progress.


At Ashmead we will continue to assess children on a scale of ‘bands’ 1 – 6 but have chosen different letters so that there is a little more meaning behind them (i.e. instead of c,b,a we will be using b for beginning, w for working within and s for secure). The number in front of the letter will refer to the age related year group that your child is working at. So for example, if a child at the end of Year 4 is assessed at a 4W it means they are working within their age expected band and so are average for their age. Whereas if a child was assessed as 3W at the end of Year 4 it means that they are still working on achieving some aspects of the Year 3 Curriculum and are therefore below average for their age.


Therefore within the new system of bands children will work through the following scale:-




At the end of each Key Stage (Year 2 & Year 6) children will still be expected to take statutory assessments, the results of which will, as before, be reported to parents. However, instead of being in the form of a level they will now simply inform parents as to whether their child is working below, at or above the expected attainment for their age.


Similarly, all children at Ashmead School will be assessed against a criteria based on the expectations of the national curriculum. As a result of this teachers will determine whether a pupil is successfully demonstrating the skills expected of a child their age or not. We want you as parents to be very clear about how well your child is doing in school compared to other children their age so when we report to you (through consultations or annual reports) we will tell you if your child is working:-


  • Significantly below their age expected standard
  • Below their age expected standard
  • At the age expected standard
  • Above their age expected standard


  • Significantly above their age expected standard


So that you have a clear understanding about what children have to achieve in in each year group through the new national curriculum, you will find attainment statements for each year group in Reading, Writing & Maths below.