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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

School Council

Ashmead School Council 


Through listening to our peers and sharing our ideas, we as the School Council discuss the qualities of our school and suggest improvements so that we can make positive changes. We think about learning, making progress, having fun and of course, our education. We have an important role within our school, as we work in collaboration with other pupils, staff and governors, helping to make decisions about the future of Ashmead and providing the all important 'Pupil Voice'


The School Council, facilitated by Miss Govier, is run by myself, Rhys (Head Boy) and Imaan, our Head Girl.




It is made up of representatives from each class from years 2 to 6. They are:

Year 2 - Aiza, Naomi and Charlie

Year 3 - Ben, Harry and Callum

Year 4 - Eloise, Zarnish and Riley

Year 5 - Allissa, Sadia and Paige

Year 6 - Jasmine, Azaan and Evania




Meet our School Councillors:
























Hi. I'm a School Councillor. My favourite sports are football and gymnastics and I take part in girl's football. I am funny and I am a kind, loving person. I also like to help people in need and I like to make sure people are happy. I like learning and I find school fun because you learn things everyday. I think it is important to learn because it can give you a job. When I am older, I would like to be a gymnast teacher. My favourite subject is Maths because everyday of your life you need it. It is good to learn because when you learn, you also get an opportunity to make new friends. 












Hi. I am 10 years old and am in Mr Boxall-Goyne's class (in Year 6) I like to play netball and draw. I am not shy to do anything in front of my class and I like to ask questions to create a discussion.






Hi there. I am in Year 6. My interests include: playing football, learning new things and relaxing. I am proud to represent the school and am a good role model to others.






I am a fun and clever person who likes a laugh but I am sensible too. I play football for Ashmead girls and I play for a club outside of school too. I love being part of the School Council, as I like to help our school in any way possible and I have never had a role like this before.






Hi. I am Head Boy and have a strong passion for English, particularly writing. Being Head Boy means a lot to me, as part of my role is to show visitors around, set an example for younger children and of course, make people smile.






Hi, I am Head Girl and am 10 years old. I love to help people and make their frowns turn upside down. I am very friendly, kind and funny towards others. I always set a good example to younger children throughout the school. The role of being Head Girl is very important and I am very proud of our lovely school.