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Ashmead School

Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.


Early Years Teachers

Mrs Amin - Reception Leader
Mrs Connick
Mrs Allan
Mrs Bennett

Year 1

Miss Lubbock - Year 1 Leader
Mr Kershaw
Miss Ajmal
Miss Davis

Year 2

Mrs Coates - Year 2 & 3 Leader
Miss Tyler
Mrs Venner
Mrs Elshimi
Mrs Gaunt

Year 3

Miss N Venn
Mr B Dargie
Mrs Furssedonn-Wood

Year 4

Mrs Rogers - Year 4 & 5 Leader
Mr Stocks
Miss Burgoyne
Mrs Stocks

Year 5

Mrs Short
Miss Nicholls
Mrs Blunden
Mr Green

Year 6

Miss Redrup - Year 6 Leader
Mr Boxall-Goynes
Mrs Ashby