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Weeks 8 and 9



We have been very busy using a number of sources to find out about the life cycle of a duck. We would like to write about each stage of the life cycle, so we have spent a few lessons researching. We used books, iPads and posters to learn some very strange and interesting facts about ducks.


Did you know, a hatchling uses a special egg tooth to pip out of the egg?

If you would like to see how a duck pips out of an egg, click here.


We are collecting all the facts so that we can create our very own Science information poster. We need to use our Art skills as well so that our drawings in our diagram are accurate and clear. 

There are 162 species of duck. One of these species is called a Mallard Duck. Interestingly, males (drakes) are colourful but females (hens) are mottled brown.