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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Wick Court Farm 2022

Thursday 12th May

The great weather is back! Today has been glorious and we have really enjoyed our last full day on the farm. Mr Stocks' class began by feeding the sheep and helping to give one of the ewes her medicine. Miss Burgoyne's class were fascinated by the milking robot at Oldbury Farm and Mrs Stocks/Miss Davis's class loved their session meeting the 'Dragon'. All the children have taken part in pig weighing and lamb training activities and loved their final whole day of farming. See you back in Aylesbury tomorrow.

Wednesday 11th May,

Unfortunately, today has been a rather damp affair but farm life doesn't stop for the weather. All of the children have taken part in nature walks and bird watching activities. The bees aren't a fan of the rain so beekeeping was replaced with willow weaving. Mr Stocks' class finally made it over to the horses and Miss Burgoyne's class made their long awaited trip down to Oldfield Farm to meet the cows. The young farmers continue to impress in all of their activities and Kate the housekeeper has even just told me how amazingly tidy their dormitories are- great work!


Tuesday 10th May

Having recovered from the shock of going out on the farm before breakfast, everyone really enjoyed going round and feeding the animals and collecting the eggs. Mr Stocks' class had the privilege of feeding the 'dragon' with all of the leftover food from yesterday and then collecting the compost. They then went and watched the miliking robot milk the cows at Oldbury Farm. All the children cooked their own dinner - a scrumptious nettle tarlet - and helped Archie to celebrate his birthday. Miss Burgoyne's class went and met the horses for the first time and Mrs Stocks/Miss Davis's class had a great time gardening. Make sure that you get the children to show you these skills when they get home.

Another great day had by all.


Monday 9th May

After a very easy journey to Gloucester, we arrived at Wick Court Farm and met the staff. We were treated to a fantastic lunch before having an opportunity to get to know the house and surroundings. Everyone had to make their own bed and get unpacked before doing the first job of the week. The pigs, sheep and cows were fed and then it was time for hot chocolate and bed (eventually smiley). Many apologies for the late post but we have had some issues with signal and wifi.