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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Wick Court Farm 2023

Monday 8th May

We're here! After a very easy journey to Gloucester, we all settled into our new home for the week. We were given our overalls and had a lovely walk around the farm in order to see where we were going to be working and living. Some children were able to hold week old chicks and we all managed to dodge the rain until the evening jobs! All the children managed to get some sleep (eventually laugh) and we are all ready for jobs at 7.30 the next morning. 


I'll upload new photos every day to give you an idea of what we've been getting up to. We hope that everyone in Aylesbury had a great bank holiday and managed to stay dry. 


Tuesday 9th May

A fantastic, busy day had by all. Group 1 enjoyed watching the milking robot and meeting a calf that was a few hours long. They also loved gardening and then providing the group with fresh spinach and mange tout from the garden. Group 2 had a great time grooming the horses and then cooking apple and rhubarb crumble ready for tomorrow's lunch. Group 3 spent the morning training sheep and weighing pigs in the afternoon. All the children had a fantastic time playing in the wild, fire lighting and making some fantastic dens to protect them from the rain - oh yes, the rain definitely hammered down on us! A great day!


Wednesday 10th May

The children achieved many firsts today. All of the groups managed to dodge the showers and go bird watching and then were treated to a beekeeping experience where Jaiden even managed to find the Queen Bee! Group 1 loved weighing the pigs, Group 2 had a fantastic time on their nature walk and Group 3 really enjoyed grooming the horses. Lots of laughter had by everyone today and the children are all loving their time working as farmers!


Thursday 11th May

Finally, the sun arrived! What a glorious final full day on the farm. The children loved playing and completing seasonal farm tasks such as mucking out the goose shed. Group 1 worked hard on grooming the horse and cooking cookies whereas Group 2 performed their duties admirably when training the sheep and weighing the pigs. Group 3 saw the milking robot in action and relaxed in the sun while gardening. The day finished off with Bill wowing the crowd with his amazing farm stories. We have had a wonderful time at the farm and we can't wait to tell you all of our amazing stories from Wick Court Farm!


The coach is leaving here at 2pm and we hope to see you just after 4pm.


Thanks for reading, we hope that you have enjoyed the updates.

Mr Stocks, Miss Acres, Miss Zalewska, Miss Hawes and Mrs Devey