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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Wick Court Farm


We are all in shock this morning that Friday is here already! We are packed and ready for a delicious cooked breakfast before doing our final farm task. 




Feeling hot, hot hot! It has been another absolutely fab-u-lous day here on the farm!

We have been super busy.




A bit of a misty start hasn’t dampened our spirits! We’ve already had a lovely breakfast, swept the yard, tidied the house, fed the pigs and sheep and are about to start our second task.  
Bees, bird watching and baking are the order of the day today.


What a day it has been!  We have been all over the farm today rescuing a stuck sheep, finding the queen bee in the hive, feeding and looking after the animals, baking snack and bird watching.  The tiredness is starting to set in so we have all attempted an early night.


Good morning! Despite claims that, “We were up chatting until 6:00”, we did in fact all sleep well, and have woken up with big smiles on our faces. 

What a fantastic day of cookery, egg collecting, den building, feeding, horse grooming, heavy lifting, weighing, milking and feeding the dragon to name a few of our favourite activities.




We have arrived and are getting stuck in already!  We have learnt so much about farm life in a short space of time and are raring to undertake a full day tomorrow.


After exploring the farmhouse, this afternoon we went on a lovely walk and guess what?  The sun came out!


This evening, one group has visited the neighbouring dairy farm whilst another worked with the ducks and pigs at Wick Court and the final group had some time at the house chilling out.


We're ready for bed already and it's only day one!