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Year 1 2017

Week beginning 2nd July


We have had a very busy week in Year 1.  We have met our new teachers for Year 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday it was Pirate Day!

We came to school dressed as pirates and spent the day doing activities such as den building, pirate crafts and a very exciting treasure hunt!

Congratulation to Islay for earning the Players' Player award from her football club.  All of the other players in her team voted for her to get the trophy and she has only been playing in the club for a few months!  Well done Islay, we are all very proud of you, keep up the hard work! 


Tag Rugby

Image result for rugby ball

The children really enjoyed learning the skills to play Tag Rugby! Please click on the link below to see some photos from the sessions.

This Week in Year 1 (8/05/18)


Something strange happened over the Bank Holiday weekend!


An upside down house was spotted in Aylesbury!


We have been writing newspaper reports this week about what happened...

This Week in Year 1 (23/04/18)


Our shoe shelves for our indoor shoes have returned this week!  We came into school on Monday morning and someone had brought them back.  At first we couldn't work out who might have taken them but then we saw the clues...


Some gold treasure and a pirate flag!


We wrote a description and drew some pictures of what we thought the pirates might look like.  Jessica drew an amazing picture of her pirate and Emmanuel wrote a brilliant description.


A massive congratulations to Ummayah, who competed in the Ju - Jitsu National Championships over the school holidays and won a bronze medal.  What a fantastic achievement! 
Picture 1

This Week in Year 1 (26/03/18)



This Week in Year 1 (5/03/18)


We had a fantastic time visiting Mead Open Farm today! 

This Week in Year 1 (26.02.18)


Happy World Book Day!


Today we have come to school dressed as our favourite book characters for World Book Day.  We have brought our favourite books in to school to share today with our friends.


Can you guess who we are dressed as?

This Week in Year 1 (20/02/18)


When we came to school this morning we found somebody asleep in Miss Whitehead's classroom.  It was the lazy farmer Duck had told us about in a letter he wrote to us before half term!



We couldn't let him sleep all day so we tried to wake him up ...



The farmer didn't know much about working on a farm so we read him some of our letters we wrote, telling him all about the jobs that need to be done on a farm.



This Week in Year 1 (29/01/18)


The Falcons came to school today proudly wearing their house colours to celebrate having the most house points last year.  Well done Falcons!



This Week in Year 1 (22/01/18)


When we came into school this morning we found some eggs in our classroom!  In Literacy this week we are learning about how the eggs become baby chicks.  We are going to do some writing about the different stages and at the end of the week we will show you some of it.


This week in Year 1 (15/01/18)


In Topic this week we were learning about how arable farming works in each season.  We had a lot of fun trying some different vegetables such as courgettes, parsnips and butternut squash.  Some of us found a new favourite vegetable!  Jasper really enjoyed the courgettes and Scarlett loved the butternut squash!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This Week in Year 1 (8.1.18)


We found a letter in the classroom today!  Somebody tidied our messy classrooms over the weekend.  Who could it be?  It's a mystery. 

This Week in Year 1 (4/01/18)


Welcome back from the Year 1 Team!  We hope you all had a restful break.


Something funny has happened to our classrooms today! 


Ben: "It is covered with hay and mud."


Jasper: "There are potatoes on the floor."


Alexis: "I feel really mad our classroom is a mess."


Sara: "The classroom looks different."


Ava: "I can see a scarecrow on the floor."


Aleck: "Why is the straw on the floor?  The light, yellow potatoes are on the floor."

This Week in Year 1 (27/11/17)


We have been using our senses to write some poems in Literacy.  We read some different poems together as a class and collected vocabulary to create our own poem about a cloud.  Here are some of our poems -



This Week in Year 1 (20/11/17)


In Literacy we have been planning our own versions of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.  We have had lots of fun thinking of our own characters to use!


Rehan decided to make his story backwards and have Jim the Giant living in a tiny cottage and climb the beanstalk to meet big, scary Jack living in a castle at the top.

We have been practicing finding more and less of different numbers in our Outdoor Learning. 

This week in Year 1 - 6/11/17


After writing reports about what happened to our classroom in Literacy last week, a culprit has been identified!  Jim the Giant!

In our lessons this week we have been working hard to describe him, using lots of lovely adjectives.   


In Science we have been learning about our senses and labelling different parts of our face.  We really enjoyed playing this game -

This Week in Year 1 - 30/11/17


We came back after half term to find that something had happened to our classrooms! 


The tables and chairs were tipped over and there were big, white footprints on the floor.  We found yellow and orange feathers on the floor and some golden glitter.    


We searched for clues to try and find out what had happened.  Some of us thought the Giant had come down from the beanstalk looking for his golden hen!  We are going to collect all the evidence together and write a report in our Literacy lesson.