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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Year 2

Well done Jamie; great work!

Goodness me Archie, you have been incredibly busy! We are all so impressed that you have worked so hard at home. Well done!

More hard work Jamie - Well done!

Well done Jamie on all your great work at home! Fantastic achievement on Nessy!

Fantastic work Izzy. You are clearly working incredibly hard and we hear you are reading LOTS - What a superstar you are!

Oh my goodness Archie, you have been incredibly busy! Super, impressive work young man! Well done!

Great effort Jamie - Well done!

Good work Kyla-May!

Great learning at home Jamie - Well done and thank you for sharing.

More impressive work Izzy - Well done! Mrs Thompson is super proud of your handwriting!

Well done for your brilliant work at home Scarlett. Thank you for sharing.

Great learning at home Lily-Grace. I wonder how many different types of bugs will pay a visit to your hotel?

Fabulous work Archie, we are very impressed!

Great work Archie! Thank you for sharing

Such impressive work at home Izzy! Well done!

Excellent work at home Emily. Well done! Those fruit kebabs look delicious!

Love your Sports Day at home Jamie and well done on making a great lava lamp too!

Love this Izzy! I would give it a 5/5 gold snitch rating too! Well done!

Fantastic Science work Isabella! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing more of your lovely learning at home Jamie

More great learning at home Jamie - Well done!

Great learning at home Lily-Grace. Thank you for sharing.

Fantastic work at home Aradhya! Thank you for sharing

Great work learning about planets and space Archie. We can't wait to hear about your satellite spotting too!

Great learning at home Jamie! Well done!

Well done Izzy for all your fantastic learning at home!

A wonderful rainbow by Lily-Grace - Beautiful!