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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

         Roger Axtell - Chair of Governors 2018


School Governance


The governing body is the schools accountable body and is responsible for the conduct of the school. The governing body is therefore responsible for establishing the strategic vision & aims, target setting and financial budget.


Although school governors can be best likened to the role of non-executive directors of a public company, they work as a team with the head teachers to support them in raising the standards of the school and acting as the 'critical friend'.


In addition to promoting high standards of education the governing body also appoints the head teacher.


For more information on school governors in Buckinghamshire click here



Ashmead Combined School – Governing Body


The school governing body is currently made up of 11 members with full and equal voting rights.

The term of office for a School Governor is 4 years, there is no upper limit on the number of terms a school governor can serve at Ashmead.

It should be noted that all school governors at Ashmead School are regularly Government DBS checked
(formerly called CRB checks). 


The Governing Body is structured as follows

  • Meeting Monthly
  • Deferring all formal regulatory business to a termly BLT clerked meeting
  • Formalising the role of two key committees:
  1. Finance, Pay Review, Premises, Health & Safety (meets termly)
  2. Curriculum Committee (meets monthly)


This has enabled the Governing Body to separately focus on :

  • Statuary Duties
  • Financial Stewardship, Health and Safety
  • Teaching, Learning and Data


Please note that: Minutes of Meetings are a matter of public record and copies of which can be inspected at the school office or the additional information links below


A pecuniary interest register is also maintained for all governors which can also be inspected at the school office, a summary is available from the additional information links below.


The governing body adopt all model polices published by the Bucks Learning Trust for Governance Office and Conduct for reference key statutory documents are listed below:


Governing Body Statutory Procedural Documents


Listed below are the required procedural documents for Ashmead School Governing Body





Leadership of the School is currently judged to be GOOD ( 2 ) by Ofsted with it’s view of the Governing Body of Ashmead Combined School
(July 2015 Inspection) :


  • Governance has continued to improve since the last inspection. Governors have a wide range of expertise and skills. They know the school well and are ambitious for its future. They undertake training to improve their skills further. Governors have good access to information about the school’s performance and are closely involved with the school’s work. They contribute to the self-evaluation process. In broad, terms, they are successful in holding school leaders to account for improving achievement, behaviour and the quality of teaching. However, they have not always focused sufficiently on the pace of learning of year groups other than Year 6.


  • Governors understand information on the performance of all groups of pupils, particularly those supported through pupil premium funding. They know how the school is doing in relation to schools nationally and understand the effectiveness of teaching. Governors are closely involved in the management of teachers’ performance. Pay increases are linked to the outcomes of this process. Governors support school leaders in tackling any underperformance.


  • The governing body ensures, alongside senior leaders, that statutory duties are met. These include the primary requirement to keep pupils safe.


(Ofsted, Crown Copyright, September 2015)




The school Governing Body also currently has a number of vacancies, especially parent governors, if you are interested in joining then please contact the school via the school office.


Ashmead Combined School – Governing Body – July 2018