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Ashmead School

Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Who's Who

Come and meet the team .....
Leadership Team
Mr Michael Pearse Co Head Teacher
Mr Marcus Pickover Co Head Teacher
Miss Dawn Govier Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Cheryl Thompson Assistant Head Teacher


Senior Managers
Mrs Amanda Stewart Team Leader - Nursery
Mrs Nadia Amin Team Leader - Reception
Mrs Katie Whitehead Team Leader - Year 1
Mrs Emma Gaunt Team Leader - Years 2 & 3
Mrs Jenny Rogers Team Leader - Years 4 & 5
Mr Will Dickson Team Leader - Years  6
Mrs Michelle Grayson SENDco - Early Years, Years 1, 2 and 3
Mrs Ceri Russel SENDco - Years 4,5 & 6
Mrs Anita Holder School Counsellor and designated person for Child Protection
Miss Sarah O'Connor Mentor for Newly Qualified Teachers


Mrs Amanda Stewart Teacher & Team Leader              
Mrs Emma Skingle Key Worker with responsibility for 2 year old children           
Miss Debbie White Key Worker with responsibility for 3 year old children                      
Mrs Vanessa Clements Key Worker
Mrs Priti Raniga Key Worker            
Mrs Pamela Chandler Key Worker
Mrs Sarve Ghomshei Key Worker
Mrs Zoe Charman Support worker


Mrs Nadia Amin Class Teacher & Team Leader                                                                   
Miss Chrissie Sherwood Class Teacher
Mrs Lisa Cupid Class Teacher
Mrs Claire Ryder Cage Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Gardiner Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Morris Teaching Assistant
Mrs Debbie Reece Learning Support
Mrs Rebecca Butler Learning Support


Year 1
Miss Katie Whitehead Class Teacher and Team Leader                                                              
Miss Tamsin Ajmal Class Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Chisnall Class Teacher
Mrs Emma Davis Class Teacher
Mrs Jenny Acres Teaching Assistant -  Year 1
Miss Kristyna Zlesakova Teaching Assistant -  Year 1
Mrs Becky Kneba Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Mrs Debbie Reece Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Mr Chris Copas Learning Support - Year 1
Mrs Ranjan Tailor Learning Support - Year 1


Years 2 & 3
Mrs Emma Gaunt Class Teacher  - Year 3 - and Team Leader                                   
Miss Sophie Tyler Class Teacher - Year 2
Miss Kirsty Lubbock Class Teacher - Year 2
Mrs Kate Coates Class Teacher - Year 2
Mr Ben Dargie Class Teacher - Year 3      
Miss Natalie Venn Class Teacher - Year 3
Mr Stephen Green Class Teacher - Year 3
Mrs Sarah Stocks Additional teaching provision - Year 2
Mrs Cheryl Thompson Additional teaching provision - Year 2
Mrs Rachel Prinelle Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs Leanne Ball Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs Lesley Bounds IT Technician and Teaching Assistant - Year 3
Miss Ali Skipp Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs Emma Rush Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs Pippa Tripp Learning Support - Year 2
Mrs Alison Nash Learning Support - Year 2
Mrs Joy Barnes Learning Support - Year 2
Miss Victoria Ayling Learning Support - Year 2


Years 4 & 5
Mrs Jenny Rogers Class Teacher - Year 4 - and Team Leader                                          
Miss Sarah Nicholls Class Teacher - Year 4
Miss Linzie Wolstenholme Class Teacher - Year 4
Mr Chris Stocks Class Teacher - Year 5
Miss Sam Burgoyne Class Teacher - Year 5
Mrs Furssedonn Wood Class Teacher - Year 5
Miss Katy Fulker Additional Teaching Provision - English
Mrs Fiona Rysdale Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Mrs Emma Compton Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Mrs Julie Gordon Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Miss Rachel Acres Teaching Assistant - Year 5
Mrs Jacqueline Davies Teaching Assistant - Year 5
Mrs Reena Kapoor Teaching Assistant - Year 5
Mrs Sharon Jellis Learning Support - Year 4
Mrs Carmel Unsing Learning Support - Year 5


Year 6
Mr Will Dickson Class Teacher - Year 6 - and Team Leader                                         
Miss Laura Redrup Class Teacher - Year 6
Miss Charlotte Simpson Class Teacher - Year 6
Miss Dawn Govier Additional Teaching Provision - Writing
Mrs Ceri Russel Additional Teaching Provision - English
Mr Mike Pearse Additional Teaching Provision - Maths
Mrs Sam Perrett Teaching Assistant
Mr Callum Hare Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kate Ashby Teaching Assistant
Additional Staff
Mrs Sarah Crombie Office Manager & Accounts                                                                     
Mrs Lee Cock Office Staff - Financial Administration & School trips
Miss Zoe Denning Office Staff - Pupil Welfare, First Aid, Attendance & School Lunches
Mrs Jenny Baker Office Staff - Admissions, Parent Mail, Calendar and General Enquiries
Mr Nigel Ayling Caretaker


Breakfast Club
Mrs Julie Gordon
Miss Sam Perrett
Mr Callum Hare
Mrs Leanne Ball
Mrs Sharon Jellis