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Books to Read Before...

Books to Read Before 


All classrooms across the school have classroom libraries. These books will be available for your children to take home, and are based around encouraging reading for pleasure; they will become the children's ‘library book’. In Key Stage 1, they will be called your 'Bedtime story'. If a child is also reading an additional reading scheme book, they will be taking home that book as well – meaning that they will have two reading books to enjoy. We ask that the children take care of their new library book, as they will not be able to take another reading book home until they have returned the book they already have. 


All reading counts towards a child's reading awards, so ask you to write down in their reading records anything that they read, whether it be a book from school or home, leaflets, an ebook/kindle, a newspaper/magazine/comic - we value lots of different types of reading.


In addition to their library book and reading record, in Years 2 and up, on display in classrooms will be posters of 'Books to Read before' recommendations.  The posters contains a selection of books that we are recommending the children read by the end of the academic year.  Please note the list is entitled 'Books to Read by the end of Year …' - we ask that the children try to read them over the course of the year.  There are a selection of different types of books and themes to encourage children to read a variety of texts.  These books are also in our library collection so are available for all children to access.   When your child has read a book, they can celebrate with their teacher and class and we can tick it off the classroom poster.  We would love for children to discuss what they have read with the class during book talk, and recommend any of the reads that they have enjoyed to their peers. Additionally, children can also discuss with teachers their own favourite reads and let us know of any firm favourites and why they are so enjoyable to read.  We might even be able to purchase these for the school in the future. 


Thank you very much for your support with this; we really hope that your child enjoys reading this year and takes real pleasure and excitement in their reading.  Reading a small amount every day has an immeasurably positive impact on all areas of your child's learning and well-being.