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Sport Competitions & Matches

You may have heard about the new tracking activity website: Get Set Travel to Tokyo.

Well done to all of you who have logged your activities! Below is a break down of the activities each year group has completed and how much activity our school is doing whilst at home.

If you haven't logged your activity and would like to be involved (you may also win prizes if your adults sign up!), please follow this link:

School postcode: HP21 8SU     don't forget to select your year group!


Start date: Friday 8th May 

Update: 19th July 

Target: 0 days left - Log triple the amount of activities as last week. You could win a set of training footballs!

(see class pages for individual year group targets!)

Year group Total activities Total hours Most popular activity

Badges earned

Nursery 33 114 hours 30 mins walk / run
Reception 111 445 hours 50 mins on wheels
Year 1 120 657 hours 50 mins walk / run  
Year 2 57 359 hours 20 mins walk / run
Year 3 120

549 hours 30 mins

on wheels / walk
Year 4 27 115 hours 40 mins move and dance
Year 5 31 151 hours 30 mins on wheels
Year 6 35 123 hours 20 mins walk / run

2942 hours 50 mins
(equivalent to 122 days!!)

walk / run
(213 activities logged!)



Please click below to see club information, fixture lists, results and match reports from the competitions in 2019/20:

2019-20 Competitions and Matches


Boys Football 16.3.20 vs. Bedgrove Juniors won! 4-1
Bee Netball 16.3.20 vs. Bedgrove Juniors lost  1-9
Bee Netball 9.3.20 vs. Bierton won! 12-2
Boys Football 5.3.20 vs. Broughton drew 0-0
Girls Football 3.3.20 vs. St. Michael's C of E School won! 8-0
Cross Country 29.2.20 at St. Edwards Junior School 12 competitors!
Boys Football 27.2.20 vs. St. Michael's won! 1-0
Bee Netball 27.2.20 vs. Thomas Hickman School lost 0-10 
Girls Football 27.2.20 vs. Swanbourne School won! 7-0
Squash 12.2.20 at Aylesbury Tennis Centre won! through to School Games Final!
League Boys Football 10.2.20 vs. Turnfurlong postponed due to weather
Year 3/4 Hockey 6.2.20 at Aylesbury Grammar School 3rd
Girls Football 5.2.20 vs. Turnfurlong won! 12-0
SEND Tennis 22.1.20 at Halton Tennis Centre see photos above
Bee Netball 9.12.19 vs. Buckingham Park lost 0-11
League Boys Football 2.12.19 vs. Haddenham Jnr School lost 2-3
League Boys Football 25.11.19 vs. St. Edwards won! 3-1
Bee Netball 19.11.19 vs. Oak Green lost 1-4
Girls Football - County Finals 16.11.19 at Haddenham Jnr School     2nd in Buckinghamshire!
Cross Country 16.11.19

at Turnfurlong School

19 competitors!
Girls Football 13.11.19 vs. Cuddington & Dinton  won! 9-0
Bee Netball 12.11.19 vs. Stoke Mandeville won! 3-0
League Boys Football 11.11.19 vs. St. Marys won! 3-1
Bee Netball 8.11.19 vs. AVA Primary School  won! 10-2
Cup Boys Football 5.11.19 vs. St. Edwards School won! 2-0
League Boys Football 21.10.19 vs. Weston Turville B won!  12-0
Girls Football Tournament 19.10.19 at Haddenham Jnr School through to County Finals!
Boys Football Tournament 19.10.19 at Haddenham Jnr School got to semi finals
Year 5/6 Girls Football Festival 17.10.19 at Mandeville School 'A' = 1st      'B' = 4th


Athlete Mentor Day!

We were extremely lucky to welcome a World famous athlete to our school - Lesley Owusu. Having competed for Team GB from the age of 13 in track events, Lesley now visits schools to talk about her life growing up and how she used sport as a way to overcome her barriers. 

The children had the chance to meet her, see some of her medals and to build on their teamwork during the workshops. 

Can, can, can achieve anything you dream of!


Some quotes of the day from some children in Mrs Rogers' class:
"YOU CAN DO IT.   TRY AND NEVER GIVE UP again and again" William

"Believe and achieve your GOALS and never give up" Zoha

"You can do it" Evie

2018-19 Sport Competitions and Matches:

Competitions and Matches

Year 5/6 Girls Football 6.6.19 vs. Broughton
Year 5/6 5.6.19 at Aylesbury Tennis, Squash and Racketball Club
Year 5 Boys Football 5.6.19 vs. Eddlesborough
High 5 Netball 4.4.19 vs. Buckingham Park
Year 6 Boys Football 1.4.19 vs. St. Edwards
High 5 Netball 2.4.19 vs. Oak Green
High 5 Netball 26.3.19 vs. Stoke Mandeville
Cross Country 23.3.19 at Waddesdon Manor
Year 5/6 Girls Football 15.3.19 vs. Broughton
High 5 Netball 13.3.19 vs. Bedgrove
Year 6 Boys Football 7.3.19 vs. Haydon Abbey
High 5 Netball 5.3.19 vs. Wendover
Year 3/4 Basketball tournament 4.3.19 at Aylesbury High School
Year 6 Boys Football 1.3.19 vs. Bedgrove
Year 5/6 Girls Football 25.2.19 vs. Bedgrove
Year 6 Boys Football 11.2.19 vs. Turnfurlong
Year 5 Boys Football 6.2.19 vs. Weston  Turville
Cross Country 19.1.19 at Wendover CE Junior school
Year 6 Boys Football 27.11.18 vs. Broughton
Year 6 Boys Football 22.11.18 vs. William Harding
Year 5/6 Girls Football


vs. William Harding
Year 5 Boys Football 15.11.18 vs. St. Marys
High 5 Netball 14.11.18 vs. Berryfields
High 5 Netball 6.11.18 vs. Halton
Cross Country 3.11.18 at Turnfurlong Junior School
Year 6 Boys Football 18.10.18 vs. Stone


2017-18 Competitions and Matches

May June July
Reception Multi-skills 9th Reception Multi-skills 6th YST SEND Sports Tournament 5th
Year 3 Multi-skills 10th, 18th Year 2 Multi-skills 26th  
Year 1 Multi-skills 23rd Year 4 Multi-skills 27th  
Year 5 / 6 Athletics Year 6 Games  
  Year 4-6 Flag Football  
  Year 3-4, Year 5-6 Cricket  
  Year 3-4, Year 5-6 Tennis  
  Tag Rugby