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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

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Please read some of the lovely feedback that parents have given our Eco Schools club. Being an Eco Warrior doesn't just mean you learn about how to save the planet. It is about learning to give, be part of a team, communicating and building confidence. It's about experiencing something new and making a difference in ourselves.smileyheart

"Ella is so so proud to be an Ashmead Eco Warrior and is always enthusiastic about what the group are planning and doing. She carries the ethos with her wherever we go and is proactive in doing her bit in saving the planet... Whether its litter picking or encouraging family members to turn off lights or to save water or looking after insects, Ella loves being an eco warrior! She wishes the group could meet more frequently rather than once a month so they could achieve more :) " (Ella's mum- Year 4)

My daughter has become more passionate about how she can save our planet since becoming an Ashmead Eco Warrior. Knowing that she is part of a team with other Warriors who feel the same way about the world, they are making positive changes around the school. They are inspiring others to recycle more, reminding people not to litter and to encourage walking/biking or scooting  to school rather than driving. Being an Eco Warrior gives her the platform to raise awareness of environmental issues so she can  motivate others on how we all can make a difference, whether this is in school, at home or in the local community. (Sophie's mum- Year 3)

Eco Warriors has been fantastic for Zac. He is a nature loving boy, his hero is Sir David Attenborough, and he is a very keen environmentalist - often taking part in community litter picks. At home we try to choose Eco-friendly choices as frequently as we can and are actively encouraged by Zac with his knowledge from EW. Zac has gained confidence through this group, it is a way to channel his enthusiasm for a passion of his and he has made some lovely new friends from other year groups too. He looks forward to each session and is very proud to be an Eco Warrior!” (Zac's mum- Year 2)