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Santa Dash 2020

Ashmead Santa Dash!

Total: 49040m

592 laps

All year groups had a go at walking, jogging and running around the playgrounds and MUGA to raise awareness of the charity event, Santa Dash. Well done to everyone involved!


Year 1 Distance
1TA 480m
1KL 500m
1SB 480m
Year 2 Distance
2NV 640m
2AV 640m
2KC 640m
Year 3 Distance
3KH 640m
3LS 640m
3LFW 640m


Year 4 Distance
4SB 39,360m
4CS 480m
4LB 1500m
Year 5 Distance
5CS 500m
5LI 500m
5KA 500m
Year 6 Distance
6TBG 200m
6SN 200m
6LR 500m