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Mini First Aid January 2022

We have been extremely lucky to have been able to learn some life saving skills! We learned about putting on plasters, how to deal with burns, scrapes and head bumps.


We also learned how to put someone into the recovery position as well as learning how to administer CPR. 



We now know the steps to take if someone is really poorly:


   D - danger look for anything that might put you or the patient in more danger

   R - response  tap the shoulders of the patient and pinch their ears to see if they respond

  A - airways check to see if anything is in their mouth or nose

  B - breathing put your ear to their mouth and count to 10 seconds to see if they are breathing

  C - circulation check their pulse.

If they are not breathing, you will need to do CPR. 5 normal breathes into their mouth (whilst pinching their nose) and then 30 presses down onto their chest using the heel of your hands. 2 more breathes and continue until Paramedics arrive.