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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Cross Country

Ascott House 20th April 2024


Year 3 & 4 girls raceSophie (Yr 4)14th
Wahiba (Yr 4)15th
Ida (Yr 3)27th
Anel (Yr 3)34th
Adaline (Yr 3)43rd
Jessie (Yr 3)44th
Year 3 & 4 boys raceJake (Yr 4)4th
Harrison (Yr 4)37th
Isaac (Yr 4)48th
Kevin (Yr 3)50th
Archie (Yr 4)54th
Dirghayu (Yr 3)56th
Year 5 & 6 girls raceKella (Yr 5)6th
Aubrey (Yr 5)14th
Daisy (Yr 5)31st
Nicole (Yr 5)35th
Year 5 & 6 boys raceJoshua (Yr 5)17th
Taylor (Yr 5)20th
Archie (Yr 6)27th
Hashim (Yr 6)31st


Turnfurlong Cross Country December 2023


What a freezing morning! Well done to each and every one of the runners representing Ashmead Combined School. You all ran amazing races in the fog, sleet and cold temperatures and you all looked amazing thanks to Tileworks and PTA for purchasing some new kit!

Year 6Joash 
Year 5Kella4th Team Silver
 Aubrey5th Team Silver
 Julia14th Team Silver
 Joshua5th Team Bronze
 Liam8th Team Bronze
 Taylor9th Team Bronze
Year 4Sophie4th
Year 3Anel 11th Team Bronze
 Ida14th Team Bronze
 Jessie20th Team Bronze