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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.




This week, we've really enjoyed the sunshine by going outside and exploring. We went to the environment area and used our senses to help us describe it.


Harry's sentences:

In the pond there was green pond weed. The duck had a green head.


Neha's sentences:

In the calm pond there was a relaxed duck swimming quietly. He had a silvery metallic head and webbed feet that helped him swim faster. In the environmental area we saw a tree that had white and pink blossoms on. They were floating like confetti and parachutes. We also built homes (I built a shelter). I did my one for any little animal. It made me calm, cold and warm all at the same time. It made me calm because of the pigeons tweeting, I head lots of rustling trees because of the flowing wind. 


Zakaryia's sentences:

In the long grass there was a hedgehog. The spiky hedgehop was trying to sneak away. In the calm pond there was a little, fidgety tadpole. The smoky grey pigeon was soaring high in the sky. When I was in the environment area, I felt excited because I enjoyed the pond life. 


Hello everyone!

We'd like to share a few poems from children who have been in school this week.

Maybe you could have a go at your very own Ashmead Acrostic!

Have you displayed a rainbow in your window? Here's one that Aaliyah created with chalk on the playground smiley

Ashmead Acrostic Poems

Pizza making - yum!

Prom 2019 - a selection of images from a wonderful night, thank you Year 6 for a great final day!

Welcome to the gallery!

We hope you enjoy the selection of images below that capture recent events. Pictures that capture the curriculum each week can be found within the class pages section within the 'Pupils' drop down menu. 

Year 6 Students at the Honeycomb Dance Festival at the Waterside Theatre - April 2017

Find the film of the dance on our Ashmead School channel - link below:

40 today! 21st February 2017

Find films of our huge 40 and our school Mannequin challenge on our Ashmead School channel on YouTube - Links below:

Birthday celebrations at Ashmead Nursery

Find the film of the balloon release on our Ashmead School channel - link below:

The Year 6 production of Oliver, Summer 2016. Brilliant!

Nursery, Summer 2016

Lunchtime - enjoying the summer sun

Elite Gymnastics Club

Fantastic displays. Thank you to all of the staff for going the extra mile to create an outstanding learning environment.

Ashmead at Activate 2015

Year 6 does the Activate dance festival in 2015 at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury

Ashmead at Activate 2014

Year 6 dancing at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury in the Activate dance festival.