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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Sport Relief 2019

Sport Relief Week

Monday 9th March - Friday 13th March 


Money raised: £866.45 

Mindfulness Monday

We found out some amazing facts about being mindful and ways in which we can be happy both in the body and mind. Did you know that young children laugh up to 200 times a day? To ensure that we kept this statistic up, the children thoroughly loved laughter therapy. Each child had their own balloon, some drew silly faces on it, and some blew them up and let them go! The fun and laughter that the children had was priceless, just by using 1 balloon! 

The children also enjoyed watching some mindfulness videos on youtube, and learned some breathing techniques to remain calm and stress free - try some yourselves at GoNoodle:

Tasteful Tuesday

What a fruity afternoon we had! The children in EYFS, and Years 1-3 enjoyed a healthy, tasting experience - peeling, cutting, dicing a variety of fruit and then sliding onto their skewers. Some of us were so tempted with the fruit, we ate it before putting it on the skewers!

We made this even more fun by bringing the children together into houses! The children enjoyed meeting new older and younger friends within their house. They all worked so sensibly and nicely together, helping each other out whenever needed. 


A Maths class in Year 6 held an investigation on sugar in snacks that we eat. They discussed the role of sugar in the body, and the effects it has on our bodies and our teeth. 

They then predicted how much sugar would be in the snacks that they were given, read the labels and the measured them out. Some of the children were astonished about how much sugar some snacks had e.g. Squashies at 63g per 100g!

They then marked the results in bar graphs to see the results clearly. Some of the drinks e.g. Dr Pepper and Coke had very little sugar in them - they discovered that they had added sweeteners in them, so although they 'look' healthier, they aren't!

Wheel and Walk Wednesday

Well done to everyone who managed to wheel or walk to school on Wednesday. We had so many bikes and scooters!

The children who had decorated their bikes, scooters or trainers enjoyed showing off their creations with their friends, and each child earned themselves 2 housepoints. Winners earned a golden housepoint!



Year 1: Charlotte & Joseph

Year 2: Laila & Gabriel

Year 3: Summer & Jackson
Year 4: Lauren

Year 5: Crystal-Jade
Year 6: Gergo

Tournament Thursday

The children braved the English weather and enjoyed an afternoon of sport. Year 1 enjoyed playing some fun relay races, Year 2 and 3 played some gender football matches (boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls) and Year 4 and 5 played Dodgeball.

The children had a fantastic time working as a big team within their classes to gain points.

The overall winners were:

Year 2 Boys Football: 2KC

Year 2 Girls Football: 2ST

Year 3 Boys Football: 3NV

Year 3 Girls Football: 3LFW

Year 4 Dodgeball: 4S

Fitter Friday

What a variety of sports kits we had today! From horse riders to gymnasts, to cheerleaders and footballers - lots of children dressing in sporty clothes to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

We thoroughly enjoyed the morning Wake and Shake, and it was lovely to see some of the parents having a go too!

Throughout the day, the children were busy dancing to Just Dance tracks and Go Noodle guided dances. 

We had such a lovely day, and we hope that the children had a fun filled week!