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Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Week 6 & 7

We became soil detectors!


 We thoroughly enjoyed looking through soil to find out what actually makes up soil. We found some interesting things including bits of leaves, small sticks, tiny stones and even bits of bone! We also carried out some experiments to see what happens when water is added to soil. 

We used jars and bottles and we placed large rocks at the bottom to act as 'bed rock'. Then we used smaller stones to act as 'parent rock'. After that we used soil to act as 'top soil'. When adding water, we saw that the bedrock stayed, and any organic matter in the top soil floated!


Our experiment looked a little bit like this:

 If you want to have a go and create your own simple soil experiment, you can click this link smiley