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Ashmead School

Ashmead provides its children with two everlasting things, one is roots, the other wings.

Year 1

Fantastic work at home Daniyal. Well done!

Happy Birthday Lillian. Love your painting!

More great work Natan - Well done! (yummy strawberries too)

Brilliant Daisy!

You have been super busy again Daisy - Well done!

Wow Daisy - Amazing!

Well done for working so hard Maya and thank you for sharing

Such impressive work Daisy!

Great learning at home Daniyal and well done for working hard on your handwriting too!

Super work Lillian, what a great scientist you are!

Fantastic work Taylor. What an amazing birthday you must have had sleeping in your tent and watching the space rocket launch! I wonder if there's anything left in your sweetie snack box..?

Fantastic work Maya. Well done for everything you are doing at home!

Yummy homemade ice-lollies Daisy and more great work too!

Fantastic work at home Natan - Thank you for sharing

Great work Ella!

Fantastic work Taylor!

Happy Birthday Daisy! I think if I had the chance of eating 1/4, 1/2 or the whole cake I might go for the whole one too; it looks delicious!

Great picture of Mr Kershaw Edmund! (I can't remember him being quite that handsome though!)

Great learning at home Maya. Thank you for sharing

AMAZING work Daisy. We are so impressed with everything you are doing.

Thank you for sharing your lovely home learning Lillian

Lovely work Grace. Thank you for sharing.

What fantastic work at home Natan! Well done!

Great phonic work Daisy (and I bet you have lovely clean teeth too!)

A fantastic fruity poem Ella - Well done!

Wow! Fantastic Phonics Daisy

Your space work is out of this world Taylor! Well done!

Great learning at home Lillian. Thank you for sharing.

What a fabulous Gruffalo hunt Daisy!

What wonderful work following your nature walk Edmund!

Fantastic learning at home James!

Great concentration at school Harry. Well done!

What a beautiful fairy garden Evie, and your cakes look delicious!